Brigadier Anthony Hunter-Choat Dies

Very sad news. I worked for him in NI for a while; a first-class officer and a great bloke. RIP Tony.
He also wasn't commanding any unit in 1957, let alone a "major UK SF" one; around that time he would have been in the Foreign Legion, which he left in the rank of Sgt, I believe. I haven't seen him in decades, but I doubt he was much beyond his mid-70s. I was in Macedonia/Kosovo in 1999, but unaware that he was there, too; it would have been good to see him again. He impressed me as a modest, likeable and thoroughly decent man, as well as a fine soldier.
Several obvious errors in that socalled bio, starting with 7 Gurkhas, he served with 45 Regt RA in 28 Cwth Bde, doubtless 7 GR was one of the bns he was a fwd obsvr with in Borneo.
He was originally in 7 GR on a short-service commission but then got a regular commission in the RA:

2nd Lt. Anthony Hunter CHOAT (472271) from
Short Serv. Commn., 7 G.R., to be 2nd Lt., 20th
Feb. 1964, with seniority 3rd Nov. 1962.


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i spoke to him on the telephone a few years ago when researching an article on the FFL . He was charming and very helpful.
Saw him a while back in London he told a few good tales about his time with 1ere REP in Algeria R.I.P.


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Saw him a while back in London he told a few good tales about his time with 1ere REP in Algeria R.I.P.
soon be the 30th. He facilitated my attending the parade and meal afterwards . I joined but got kicked out for fiddling my medical , i blagged the eye test 3 times but on the 4th i was captured bang to rights as i only has ten percent vision in my right eye. Didn't stop me being a gunner in the re regs or in the slr shooting team for royal anglians ta. grin . my left eye compensated for the right .
I crossed trails with him on a few occassions during military service. In civvy street, I saw him lead the FFL contingent on Remembrance Sunday. My last memory of him was stood in a bar with him in conversation with Chris Moon. That was only a few months ago. There was a buzz going around about his failing health and he 'went' very quickly it seemed to me. May he and all the souls of the faithfully departed, rest in peace.
Top man and a sad loss.

I knew Tony H-C well on the Kosovo Verification Mission (Op Somerset) 1998-1999. (Have also just heard that another ex-KVM died on 5 Apr - Col "LK").

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