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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by skintboymike, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Now then, evening all. I've been at my new unit for a few months now, and I'm still having a problem getting hold of 104 Log Bde Flashes (seen here; I've asked my Tp Cdr, SQMS and RQMS, but no one has an answer for me apart from 'Don't care where you get one from, but don't be seen without one' bollocks. I've managed to get hold of a used one from one of the lads, but's it's pretty ropey looking tbh.

    I normally subscribe to the view that if the army want me to wear something, they should provide it, but this attitude won't do me any favours when it comes to making a good first impression/setting a good example within the unit. However, I don't fancy stumping up £4 a piece either. Is anyone here currently serving at a unit that wears these? If so, any chance of sending a few over?
  2. Living up to your user name then.
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  3. I try. ;)
  4. Haven't you got a granny who can knit you a couple?
  5. Find out from your QM who your Regimental tailor is - they are paid to put these on and will have a stock of them. Certainly happens where I am......and I didn't pay for any of it.
  6. I did have one or two knocking about spare, will see if I can find where they are, I got mine from the PRI at Grantham for about £1 each.
  7. Sixty

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    I've got a couple kicking about somewhere too so if BRL can't help you out I'll have a hunt for them.
  8. Top_soldier, the way it (supposedly) works in our squadron is that a soldier gets posted in and is issued 5 x flashes on arrival, with more available from the PRI shop. The tailors only sew them on if you take the shirt and the flash in together.

    Cheers to everyone else, much obliged. if you manage to dig them out then drop me a PM, I'll have them all off you. I'm not worried about ending up with too many, there's a couple of young lads in the same boat as me who'd be quite chuffed to suddenly receive a flash or two.
  9. Had a dig around and could only find TRF's and Union Flags, I must of given away more than I realised, sorry mate!
  10. If you need any of the Union Flags please send me a PM.
  11. Never mind mate, thanks for checking anyway. I've priced them up through, they've quoted me 44p inc VAT per badge on orders over 400. 400 badges comes to £178, so it's worth pursuing I reckon (No idea how much the man at Q&M usually pays). I think these are normally ordered through the RQMS, but I'll give this quote to my SQMS and see if he thinks it's worth following up.
  12. Update: Spoke to Q man who said 'That's nowt to do with us, just wait til they come in'. My boss reckons he had a couple of dozen recently, but conveniently they've already been dished out. So **** em, I've placed the aforementioned bulk order myself, it shouldn't be too hard to claw back the cash if I knock em out at about £1 each.

    Erm, if anyone needs any 104 Log Bde flashes, PM me :D
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    I noticed in today's announcement from the MOD about MTP and newn kit they mention that all sleeves come with Velcro patches so that you can attach non tactical badges such as the tactical recognition flash. Hurrah! The MOD has noticed that the TRF is not tactical. Now all they need to get to grips with that it is of dubious recognition value (How does it help you to know that some one is in the RLC if you don't know if he is a cook or bottlewasher or RAMC of you don't know if she is an MSO physio or MO. And so on) and if recognition is necessary why not use something like a rankslide? And lastly they are definitely not flash. Not unless one is up for a Boy Scout sewing badge.

    Good luck with flogging those badges. Maybe you should sew Velcro on them.

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  14. My first plan (after sorting my troops out with a few) is to approach our PRI shops in Bielefeld and South Cerney to see if they're willing to buy any. If all else fails at least my own uniform will be correctly tailored (until I'm posted, that is)!