Brigade Reconnaissance Force - a new era of Formation Recce?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by alexreid, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Brigade Reconnaissance Force

    Regiments are now beginning training towards the new, enhanced role as a Brigade Reconnaissance Force which will see it combine its experience on vehicles with a high profile, exciting dismounted role which will keep it at the forefront of reconnaissance operations.

    This will see the soldiers exploit their flexibility, intelligence, endurance and fieldcraft skills to the limit to continue to provide accurate information on the enemy to their commanders as it happens, always ready to respond as events unfold.

    Why is the Cavalry Changing to dismounted roles...and is it going to be that much different?
  2. The RAC recce units always had dismounted toops so nothing new there then
  3. Wich is the same role we did in 1969, only the kit has got a bit better
  4. The_Duke

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    You should know by now that whatever anyone posts about, Tropper has done it bigger, better, higher, further, and with more gunshot wounds on cold winter's nights than any one else, only he did it in the 60's.

    He has an amusing collection of poor quality photographs which he frequently posts, often without any rlevance to the thread in question.

    he is, however, mostly harmless.
  5. This has been done already somewhere on here.
  6. No It hasn't CC_TA

    Tropper I think you accidentally put an r in the second letter of your name when you joined arrse!

  7. :dance: Thanks Duke, I couldn´t have said it better myself!
  8. disregarding the snide coments, I think if you read a couple of regimental historys of the recce regiments in the Western dessert and Italy you will see that armoured recce has changed very little, but it has speeded up because of modern technoligy, in fact the role hasn't realy changed since the day when light dragoons on horse back did recce "hundreds of miles behind enemy lines just as stated in that MOD blurb
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  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....................Brilliant!
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    Was it difficult having to hold still for that long whilst the tray of flash powder went off? In the third image you can even see the flash going off!
  12. So Smart arrse what the difference with this new concept and the old 1BR Corps Covering Force
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A very good question, which I would leave to the Recce types with lots of current operational experience to answer.

    Perhaps you could try giving them the option to discuss it without instantly dismissing everything out of hand?