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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Panoptes, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. Evening,

    I have a smock with a pocket (the one that is too small to fit anything of any use in) on the left arm. The Velcro flap on the pocket has the Union flag emblem on it.

    I've been told the brigade badges are two fingers width below the Union flag. However, in this case it is on the pocket body itself which is bloody awkward to sew.

    Am I doing it wrong, or is awkward sewing just something I'll have to put up with?


  2. Iron on Velcro was designed for this very task - you have the position spot on and yeah you'll have to put up with it - unless you nip to tesco and buy some nice iron on Velcro - scratchy goes on the badge, soft on the smock - do the same with your shirts and you'll only ever need one badge...........

    Or am I just lazy?
  3. The little pocket is designed for an avalanche transponder so unless you're off to the mountains some time soon just stitch over it.
  4. The pocket is also useful for a combitool, so if you have to change your gas plug to E after prolonged firing you can do it without disappearing into your webbing for your cleaning kit or scorching your fingers.

    I have seen people sew the badge on properly where it isn't over the pocket, then try to stitch it to just the outside piece of fabric on the pocket, so it still works as a pocket. It looks gash up close unless you're very good at awkward sewing, but is OK from a distance. Otherwise try iron-on strips.
  5. Prefer the unstitch idea myself that, or just wear it on your brand new oldstyle field jacket, if you have one that is, all that is on my field smock is the union flag and rank slide!
  6. I remember the complaints when 'Jabid' the regimental tailor. Followed the two finger rule to the letter. Depending on your size, it was either okay or like a down syndrome sewing class. Used to hand sew it on myself.

    FF, how are you getting on with your new oc. I thought major disaster was bad. This guy is a mong :roll:
  7. Will I seriously get away with iron on Velco during my CMS(R) next week?!

    *hopes to God the answer is yes*

  8. Our jackets come with the badges already sewn on. They don't appear to have taken any account of the pocket when they did this as the badges cover the flap.
  9. que?
    Brigade flashes on CMS(R)!?!??!

    And to what brigade tell me, will you belong to?
  10. Yep, with you on that one.

    I would leave it untill you SUCCESSFULLY pass CMSR.
  11. 38 Irish Brigade

    I'm doing Ex Shamrock Challenge

    I was told to sew them on....

    I was issued them at my basic kit issue...

  12. ???
    but CMS(R) is basic training if I remember rightly!!!
  13. Whinge, whinge, whinge, anyone own an owner of an original 28 Bde patch from Singapore 1974? Otherwise you've never lived!
  14. 28 ANZUK . 1974 What a good year! Just try being in the fcuking R Signals mate with badges. Then you've never lived. I am nimble wit da thimble!!
  15. Why don't you unpick the Union Flag and move it somewhere better!!?!!