Brigade one stop shop

Discussion in 'REME' started by weetiffy, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. What's the general feeling on our brigade one stop shops, do we feel they will work?
  2. It should provide a quicker service :? , providing submitting units enter ALL the information required on the 1045/ 8800/ MD Version 2 including AESP references for testing as necessary. To allow OSS personnel to process them in as shorter time as posssible. :wink:
  3. One Stop Shops are only as good as they are managed.
    All to often they turn into someones "Train Set" and we all know what happens then.
    The trains stop running on time.
  4. I think you are spot on as far as the "train set" theory goes, hopefully those running the one stop shops do it thoughtfully. I've heard the BEME's are going to get their fingers in the pie, I think this may cause problems as the BTO's won't appreciate too much outside influence. I've used our One stop shop twice now and it proved fruitfull both times. Hopefully we will end up with a more efficient service from our Battalions in the future.
  5. Little weetiffy has to remember that its not the BEME people have to worry about, It's the enemy from within that often causes more trouble. Remember, those people who can't reach the kettle, shouldn't try to pick it up or they may scald themselves!
  6. Lucky I don't drink brews then oh wise one!
  7. They'd bloody well better work, as there won't be anything apart from BOSS, OSS and IBS left after the cutbacks to ABRO. I've just sat through a frightening presentation from LAND on what there won't be in the already bare ES cupboard. Oh well, at least it'll give the civvies something proper to whine about.