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Brigade Flashes

I am due to go to batallion for the 1st time next week and have been told to attatch my brigade flashes to my 95's. Am I right in thinking they go on the left arm just below the union jack?
Correct - not sure of the exact distance from the shoulder seam / Union Flag though.

Have a look at where the blokes in your Battalion have got theirs, and I'm sure there'll be someone willing to lend you a hand.
Ok thanks, i'm at home on leave at the moment so i was going to rock up with them already on, try and make a good impression and all that. I might hold off till i get there now then and see where the other lads have theirs as you say.
The exact distance for Tac markings on CS 95 is: The Union Emblem 1 1/2 inches from the apex of the left sleeve. Below that half an inch is the Brigade Flash.

On the right arm the Regimental/Corps flash sits 2 1/2 inches below the apex of the sleeve.

Any questions?


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Obviously the OP must do as he has been ordered to and I'd be the last person to suggest he do otherwise but can anyone tell me how these badges help us close with the Queens' enemies and 'defeat' them?

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