Brigade and Unit flashes

The new Loggie TRF has just been approved by the Army Dress Committee - It is to be

"A two coloured square diagonally divided from the bottom left corner to the Upper Right corner [upper Triangle Blue, Lower Yellow]. It will be worn when the RLC Dress Commitee -whatever that is - decides upon policy.

Presumably, this is so that everybody can ensure that loggies are spotted and ridiculed wherever they may be.

The kellybadge site is not blocked, it just doesn't exist any more.... wibble

In that case you could try

Use the "Wayback" machine

It might give you a snapshot of the pages before they were taken down


Sorry people, the Paradigme Porn Police block anything that mentions weapons and violence! I am suprised I get in here!
QMan9193 said: is blocked by the Internet Nazis due to its reference to weapons!
I run the website and am concerned that some web browsers and search engines are blocking my site (see above).

I just deal in badges, NOT weapons, but some badges such as a marksman's badge have 'crossed rifles'. The word 'rifle' in the description of the badge may be sufficient to get me blocked.

I'd like to narrow-down the problem to specific search engines or browsers in the hope that by understanding what causes the specific block I may be able to sort out the problem.

If anyone has trouble finding or accessing the website, please let me know which search engine and browser your are using and whether or not you have applied youir own 'parental controls'. or whether the 'parental control' is done at source.
Hi Ian, and welcome to the site, I'm sure your input on militaria will be much appreciated

Best regards

QMan9193 said:
Has anyone anylinks to a get Brigade and Unit flashes of modern Brit Units, ie- 16 AA, 1 Mech, 12 Mech etc.
I have a lot of modern British Formation Signs and Tactical Recognition Flashes for sale via my website. The following web page has pictures and prices (be patient whilst the page loads, it has lots of badges). Click the camera icon next to the stock listing to see a picture of the badge -

Unit arm badges have stock code prefix D1. Larger Formations have stock codes prefix R1. Listing is 'computer-alphabetical' within each category.
QMan9193 said:
Sorry people, the Paradigme Porn Police block anything that mentions weapons and violence! I am suprised I get in here!
QMan, does that not give you the Orwells? I'm in Saudi at the moment, where any site one attempts to access which is deemed to be politically unsound is replaced with a very korrekt message. So's anything even mildly sexy, which is a bit of an ache.

This is a local (and Saudi national) problem with enormous meaning for the future of the locals, but for the British, it's even worse; we're a parliamentary democracy, with a (sadly) unwritten constitution which should guarantee our freedom to go to our hells or heavens in our own ways, with our thoughts and speeches and politics ruled over only by ourselves, not Departments, Authorities, grisly power-seekers and tea-sipping civil servants.

That your IT crew (and of course the directors above them) should decide to direct your access to information in this way I find shocking. The world isn't only shrinking; our ability to deal with information is too.

(perhaps this should be on another thread. No problem there; I just got angry enough to drink some of this foul wine.)
.................sorry about the rant, I only came here to ask if anyone had any 'resource' concerning Hope Grant, who I've been unsuccessful in finding a decent biography on. Very strange, considering his role in shaping and massaging the Army.

God, I hate the word ' resource'. My bastard tutor has a lot to answer for. Good thing I'm no longer studying war. Angry again. More wine.

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