Brig Sharpe: American generals try to emulate film stars.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Apparently he prepared to the battle with journalists pretty well.
  2. My apologies. How could I miss it?
  3. Sergey likes to keep up his 100% record of posting every last bit of Spam-bashing he can find.
  4. Which is only to be expected, considering Sergey had to watch 'his country' lose the Cold War and then collapse inwards on itself. Yes indeed, losing to that extent is a real b*tch :twisted:
  5. Andy!

    Agree that it is indeed very funny information. I'm unable to miss any opportunity to laugh. Let's laugh together. Let's invite our American friends to laugh. I'm sure they will join us. The Americans have an excellent sense of humour.


    why do you use quote marks in 'his country' expression. Russia is my country. As the British empire collapsed then Russian one (=Soviet union) collapsed too. Each empire will face this end (including the modern one). They are natural processes. But the life goes on.

  6. Collapsed? We moved swiftly on....
  7. Yes but it took the British Empire decades to decline. For Russia it was 1988 - global superpower 1992 - third world kackhole ignored by rest of world. Must have hurt.
  8. He probably just wanted to give you the chance to keep up your 100% record of being touchy about stories that make the front page of the Daily Telegraph, that well-known bastion of wishy-washy lefty tree-hugging pinko liberals.

  9. No Andy. You are not right. Rissian empire was in decline since 1878-79. After victorious war with Turkey, Russia step by step was losing it positions. Humilitating defeat in war with Japan 1904-5, (in fact) defeat in WW1. Only Stalin posponed final of Russian empire (that existed that time under the name Soviet Union). I was born in the Soviet Union and I saw economical regress, experienced on my own skin economical hardship. Collapse of Soviet union was not one day even (even not one decade event).
  10. So Sergey if its not the current state of Russia which makes you spambash - what exactly is it?

  11. Tricam!

    Your question is incorrect because I didn't mean any 'spambash'. And I'm sure that Telegraph didn't mean it too. It is just a funny observation no more. Moreover, I'm sure that our American friends will accept critical remarks made by British officer and will correct their style.

    Are critical remarks toward mr.Putin and his style anti-Russian 'bash'? No of course.