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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. The figure in the Times articles says 1900 attend the Brief every year. And there are 3 RMAS intakes per year each with about 270 people. Assuming about 30 per intake are foreign that leaves 720 British entrants?

    So that means 38% of the people who attend the Briefing go on to pass RCB and enter Sandhurst on one of the intakes?

    Is this about right?
  2. if you do the math...yes....

    ...have you got a pointed head?
  3. There is a different pass rate on a late page of the times articles. Is this because some people pass RCB the second time around?
  4. I've heard the pass mark is around the 60% mark.

    Have a look at the figures mentioned further down the article. Just over 1000 were tested between 04-05 so with approx 720 Brit Ocdts that percentage looks about right - ish!
  5. 2005 pass rate for RCB men was 61% according to my ACIO on monday.
  6. The RCB Main Board Pass Rate usually hovers around the 60% mark. The 1900 figure is the number who attended RCB Briefing (The 24hr filter for the RCB Main Board) for the year.
  7. Not everyone who passes RCB goes on to sandhurst! Some choose not to.
  8. if only half get through the breifing is that mostly their choice?, i'm finding it hard to believe that 50% are classified C4. Porro why would you get as far as passing the RCB then choose not to go to sandhurst.
  9. Some simply change their minds. The lure of a big salary in the city can be very tempting to some. Basically you dont gain a commission for the money!