Briefing - Should I have received more details by now?

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Hi Ladies & Gents,

My briefing is a week on Monday and I was just curious what information I should have received.

Due to the train times for me to get to Westbury, I have been granted accommodation and I am staying at Redwood Lodge the night before. My tickets arrived at the end of last week which is a nice relief. However I seem to remembered reading on various posts that people were given instructions on what they'd be doing during the briefing, what to bring and what to prepare for.

Personally the only information I have received has been information on how to book my tickets (about 2 months ago) and then received my train tickets last week with information stating that those tickets could only be used at those specific train times (fair enough).

I am still getting a weekly email confirming that I am enrolled for the briefing and that if I foresee myself failing to attend to notify them at the listed email address.

Any info would be appreciated from you all.
Agree with Sundance, your hoping to be an Officer, planning, preparing and Line manager in charge of soldiers careers...........that means thinking and if sure of anything asking relevant questions to the right people. If your in constant communications with them what are you discussing......surely thats the time to ask these questions to those in the know and not a faceless internet audience who majority of them haven't a clue about Briefings and Main board.
Yorks lad, I can confirm that you should have received detailed briefing info 2 weeks in advance, and that non receipt of aforementioned info should have been flagged up by return of email. Failure to do so could leave you liable to exclusion from the briefing.

I suggest you ring them first thing Monday, demanding to speak to the OC ( accept nothing less, the Chief Clerk can and should be circumnavigated) Tell them in no uncertain terms what a shambles they are and that if you knew how they operated at the start of your application process, you would not have even considered joining. Tell them that had better sort it, and sort it now. You may well want to ask why they are playing fast and loose with people's careers, stressing that's just not on. You will find this will definitely provoke an instantaneous reaction.

Hope this helps


Before this turns into a diatribe... give AOSB a call on Monday and let them know about your concerns. Provided you have been assiduously following the advice in this forum with regards to taking some exercise, reading a decent newspaper and paying cash into the DS's numbered Liechtenstein accounts, you will be fine.
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