Briefing - press ups?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Louie85, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Hello to all,

    I am trying to find out a little more about the physical requirements for my up coming briefing. Basically I want to know if press ups and sit ups are tested at the briefing or is it just at main board?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Its just at main board. Make sure you are good at supporting your own bodyweight thuogh, as youll need it for the ropes on the obstacle course and the command tasks.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm doing regular circuit training sessions and also working on press ups and sit ups so i'm hoping i'll be ok!
  4. At the briefing the only press up thing you will do is when your group is taken aside to some mats. One member is then selected to do a press up while your group leader explains the required positioning. With us, we were then all told to go down and pump some out about 10 to make sure we had the positioning right. The same thing was then repeated with sit ups.
  5. what? no pressups or situps at briefing? I thought that at the Briefing you were tested on all areas of fitness from the off. So presumably it is just the bleep test and assault course at the briefing? in that case my ACA has been telling porkies!
  6. Briefing = MSFT (bleep test) and individual assualt course
  7. You do some sit-ups and press-ups, but only to ensure that you're doing them properly.
  8. hurdles are at the briefing though?
  9. They are, yeah. They're quite high actually, but i couldnt tell you how high exactly. theres also a long jump, the wall, granny steps, and a rope swing, and eveyone's favourite bleep test. none of its impossible, but its not made any better wearing the restrictive boiler suit they give you.
  10. do you think the hurdles are above waist height? these are bloody annoying, i am a clutz when it comes to things like this
  11. Well if you're a midget then they are above shoulder height :D

    I think the hurdles were about 1m high, so good height on them. I struggled with them, but am confident I'll clear them at main board. Would advice squats and other similar exercises, also practicing the technique. I get messing up with my trailing leg clipping the hurdle, so make sure you tuck it in!
  12. I'm a big Slipknot fan so boiler suits are a common appearance in my wardrobe, they didn't faze me one bit.

    Neither did the hurdles, just watch Two Scoops jump over some cars, and work on your technique and you'll be fine. Nothing major, literally run-jump-two steps-jump onto the next obstacle.
  13. How long is the long jump?
  14. Is there anybody who is able to do 55-60 press-ups in 2 minutes? I would like to acheive this standard and think it would be useful if somebody could recommend a training program to acheive this standard.

    At the moment I am able to do the required amount of press-ups by doing 35 in one minute, resting for 30 secs and finishing the last 9 in the final 30 seconds. It is quite a struggle.

    My current training program is 3 sets of 25 3 times a week. A pyramid of 25-20-15-(many as possible)-(many as possible) once a week and test conditions once a week.