Briefing Nov 30th-Dec 1st

Anyone going?
I am
In all honesty i'm bricking it! I've got verbal and numerical reasoning books coming out of my ar$e! One is not looking forward to the MAP tests, just want this so bad i'm heaping a silly amount of pressure on myself!
The MAP tests really are not that bad. It helps a lot if you do well in them as they are the only things that are carried forward to main board but I know people who got below average and still got cat 1. Make sure you can read graphs and tables etc. That you can read something twice and answer questions on it fairly easily and try and work out a few typical patterns that will most definatley crop up in the abstract reasoning test.
You have pencil and paper for rough workings also so use it if you must.

Look at the question, read it through TWICE to make sure you know exactly what it is asking you, then breath....... then answer it. Obviously do this at a fairly quick pace otherwise you won't even get through half the questions. Completing all the questions also does not matter. Get as many as you can done, but more importantly make sure they are correct.


p.s have fun! It really is an amazing experience.
Cat 1. Pleased as can be, what group were you in rhino?
Well done rhino & torres.

I got a cat 2 with 3 months delay. My debrief was helpful and i feel confident about the main board despite not getting the cat 1. It's going to be a busy three months getting myself fully prepared.

Good luck at MB.
D Rock you weren't in blue by any chance?
Also got a Cat2 3month deferal. Not as hard as difficult as I thought it would be and actualy alot of fun! Torres, by any chance where you the beer swilling cockny geezer?
In a word..yes. You do not paint a pretty picture! Dirk digler would you happen to be the disillusioned telecoms exec from Cornwall who thought Westbury and it's surrounding area to be major urban conurbation?!?!
Congrats guys on your Cat1's. Don't worry about the Cat2/3 Month delay, it will take you that long to book the Main Board any way.

Give me a pm if you have any MB questions.
Cheers Exwing. When you due to start at RMAS?
torres, in a word yes. although i support the fact that Westbury is a major hub of activity compared to the milking parlours, mud huts and ice cream trolley populating the countryside of Cornwall. Lets, face it, we only just got electrickary down here recently
Cheers for the congrats Scoteh, but lets all remember it means sweet F.A if we don't perform for main board!

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