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Afternoon all,

Got myself a prelimary Briefing booking, however I'm having a bit of a problem with the medical forms. At the time of booking my briefing I didn't have a doctor, as I had recently moved house. Promptly went out and got one, however when I then took down my forms to get them sorted, I was told they would be unable to do it as they would not have my medical records forwarded to them for several months.

Obviously rather panicked by this news I contacted my old GP and asked if they would mind doing these forms for me as they still have my medical records and was told in no uncertain terms that it would be a great inconvenience for them and they were unlikely to help me out, as I was no longer a patient with them.

This has left me in quite a pickle as my forms really should already be away and I'm still no closer to a solution. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
In form your old GP that the army pay him to complete the form, and that it is basically just cross referencing your answers. He may be more inclined to do it then.
Under no circumstances post them to a GP! Make sure you take the forms in with an appointment and get them to fill them out there and then. Otherwise they sit on some Doctors desk for a month and he gets paid for the honour.
Indeed Seba I did try and mention that, however the only person I got to speak to was a snooty receptionist who was being a tad bovine. I also did try to book an appointment rather than just handing over the forms at reception on blind faith that 'maybe' they'll reach a doctor and 'maybe' they'll fill it out and 'maybe' they'll send it off. However on trying to book an appointment I was told that I couldn't as I was no longer with the surgery.

And as I say, in an appointment with my new doctor she told me there was nothing she could do for a couple of months while awaiting my medical records.
Can't you just re-register with your old GP for the duration? And as the esteemed gentleman says, these forms should not see the inside on an envelope until you personally send them back to Westbury by armour-plated next day delivery. Given there's a strike on, you may even want to send them by Fedex. It''ll cost, but how much is your application worth to you?
The original reason I had to leave my old GP is that I've moved out of their coverage area and so can't be registered with them. I will most definately be taking every precaution to make sure these arrive promptly and as shiny as when they were sent off. It's just getting them to the stage where they're read to be sent off at the moment thats proving a brick wall.
Unfortunately no, no-ones address I could use.

I've been racking my brains, and as fair as I'm aware due to data protection, I'm entitled to a copy of my medical records? And if so, can't I simply get a hold of these and give a copy to my new GP? As it seems the only reason it will take a ridiculous length of time to transfer records is NHS bureaucracy. Just a thought, I don't know if I'm a million miles wide of the mark here.
Right: Med Forms:
Go to a private GP, book for a same day appointment, get the form signed infront of you through an interview (with the private GP) and without medical notes, they should take a photocopy and all expenses are paid for courtesy of HMS... armour plate the letters, find a tank... drive to Westbury and deliver without taking your eyes of the forms... keep one eye open for oncoming traffic.

If you're in London anytime soon, there are walk in "Medi-centres" by all main terminals (pretty much...)

They will do this.

Yes you can request Med-records but they can charge you what they want... anything from £30-£100+ for the inconvenience of using a photocopier...
Much appreciated Dogtanian, looking for private GPs in my area now. However will they not share the concerns of my new GP? I mean I don't think I look like a shifty sort but my GP was very apprehensive about having to take put her signature on a form filled with information she could not corroborate. Nevertheless it's the best option available to me at the moment so will batter on.
Hard-line is honesty is the best policy with med Qs, but they have to sign that it was through interview rather than med-records. I think the army at some point (your PCCCCCCCCCCCB) get your med records anyway.

Ultimately they sign off that they have answered to the best of their knowledge, main thing is get it sorted and send ASAP.
Right well have a nice chap from BUPA ringing me first thing tomorrow morning about a private GP appointment, however it seems it will cost £63 for a 15-minute appointment. Putting aside the fact they're clearly a bunch of robbing cnuts, would this be covered by the medical expenses slip that came with the forms? And would it really be adviseable of me to book and attend this appointment without knowing beforehand whether or not the GP will even be willing to sign off on these under interview?
Well I'd probably ask the BUPA guy....

but yes they should be covered by the expense, but the £63 is worth it... its a Friday night in, rather than out.

Well he should do. He isnt signing you as fit to join the army mate, he is signing to say that from the info provided in his medical opinion this is what he believes....

This form is a screening for the army medical and screens out potential time wasters/ underlying prohibative medical conditions at an early stage to save time and money.

Stop freaking worrying.
OP, I had this exact problem a few months back, pre - briefing. The way I got around it was to befriend the secretaries at my old GP (basically telling them exactly what the situation was and how I will be affected).

Eventually they came up with a solution and decided they could find it within themselves to fax my medical records to my new GP so that he could sign the forms. They didn't fax all the records just some kind of cover sheet that gives an overview of all major content (I presume that everybody has one of these).

Ring up both surgeries everyday to check that they have done what they said as a) these can be very busy people and b) they often don't give a sh*t about you until you pester them everyday (in a polite manner).

Then when the fax has been sent book a telephone consultation with you're new Doc and explain everything you need them to do. Deliver the forms by hand and arrange in advance a collection date and ring them everyday until the doc has completed the forms.

This method worked for me (eventually) but I must stress the importance of always being polite, especially to the secretaries as they are the ones that hold the Key.

One issue could be if your records are already in transit in which case I'm afraid you will just have to wait it out!

Good luck.

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