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Discussion in 'Officers' started by francis666, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Alright Chaps,

    Just wondering what subjects/titles will candidates probably be given to discuss in a group at the briefing and main board? Obviously current affairs, but if anyone could be more specific, it would be most appreciated.

    Also, any tips on ensuring a Cat 1?


  2. There is an entire sub-forum where your questions have been answered 10 times over. Have a look at the top of the page under "officer recruiting"
  3. Here's one: Potential officers now seem to have a massive lack of attention to detail, and seem to be incapable of putting posts in the relevant sub forum. Discuss.
  4. This thread is in Officers. Right section ild say. If it isnt, it cant be too far off. God, so many irritable, bitter people on this forum.
  5. Yes but its not in the Regular Officer Recruiting Forum. Also how do you expect us to predict what will be happening in the world when you come to take your boards?

    Tips on ensuring a Cat 1... dont be a complete tard.