Briefing in July, one quick question.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sentinel89, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. I have drudged the forum as much as I can, but I cannot find an answer. What is the correct 'rest position' while doing the press ups, I can quickly get up to 30 in a row but need 10seconds before I bang out the last 14. I am assuming I cannot just sit on my arse for that 10seconds and I will have to hold some particular position during the rest?? Situps should be easy, and I have practiced the bleep test so much I think the guys at the gym are starting to hear it in their sleep, or maybe thats just me!

    Any way if anyone else is going for the july briefing (I think its the 3rd to the 4th) and wants to chat give me a shout would love to hear how other people are preparing and how they feel about the entire process.
  2. There are no press or sit-ups at Briefing. Only bleep tests.

    They will teach you how to do them correctly at Main Board...
  3. sorry my mistake the teach you how to do them at are not even required to any at briefing
  4. You don't need to worry, as you won't be doing any sit ups at briefing. Your group leader will demonstrate the correct form and show you the correct rest position. Then if your unlucky you might get picked to demonstrate you've been listening and have to bust out a quick practice one. But to answer you's lying on your back, funnily enough!
  5. Last I remember, the correct rest position is the "start position", that's lying flat on your stomach, feet slightly apart, hands under the shoulders, palms flat on the floor. In theory, once you move out of that position, even by moving your hands away (other than to reposition them if they have slipped), your attempt is considered to have ended even if the 2 minutes haven't elapsed.

    However, the "real" answer might be to build up stamina by not banging out 30 quite so fast but doing them in a more controlled fashion and build up from there to the full 44 or preferably higher. After all, when you're doing them fast, its fairly easy to do a couple of bad ones that don't count.....
  6. press up rest position is that you can sit back on your ankles, so your hands can leave the floor if you want a break.

    That was from my Briefing last year
  7. No, you can rest either flat or on your knees; your attempt ends at the 2 minute mark or on completion of the required 44.

    On Briefing you will not have to complete a PFT, just watch a demo of pressups/situps.