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Hi Guys,

I heard a mention that they have recently introduced a "Cat 1 Fast Track" at the AOSB briefing, giving the recipients a much quicker Main Board date.

Could any one confirm this/give me more details, or tell me if it is actually nonsense.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself here but my briefing is on the 2/10/10 and provided I pass briefing I would very much like to get a Main Board ASAP, so provided I pass that I have a higher chance of getting in on the next available RMAS intake (which is May I believe).

If anyone could shed any light on this I'd be grateful.

After all this I'll probably go and get a cat 4....!

I was down in Wiltshire in August and there was no mention of a Cat 1 'fast track'.

There were people that had reasons why they wanted to go straight in (age usually) and the staff appear to have been sympathetic and helpful to get those few through, because they have an actual time constraint. But I would not pin your hopes on getting special treatment, your either ready for main board or not, fill in your paperwork and get it off as quickly as you can, from what I am hearing though I would not be too surprised if it takes a bit longer than you might expect. No harm in asking your group captain when they debrief you at the end if it could go any quicker but I would make sure you have a good answer as to why, and make sure your fully prepared for main board, nothing worse than looking like you rushed there and then did poorly.


Replying to this not-quite-zombified thread (only a few months old) as it may be of interest to others. I had my briefing last month, and ended up with a "Cat 1 Fast Track", so they definitely do exist. The idea is to get those the Army is definitely interested in through to MB ASAP. It does work; I had MB booked a few days after sending off the paperwork, whereas those I know who were 'just' Cat 1, and who had submitted their paperwork much before me, were still waiting to hear back from Westbury.

In terms of how one gets fast-tracked, I was told in my ACA debrief that it's awarded if the candidate scores above average in every area of assessment.

So, all well and good, nice to jump the queue (although even with that, my MB isn't until Feb), but still no precursor to a definite pass there - complacency is a killer!

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