Briefing balls up.....

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by nescafe236, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I know similar issues have been addressed before however this is slightly different. Basically I got back from my briefing and have achieved (if this is the word) a CAT 3. It was based upon my MAP test scores being poor and at 25 they said they wouldn’t award CAT 2 as they didn’t think a time delay would help me with this area. Basically I am 100% confident I can improve on my performance massively and show them I am not thick by performing well in the essays and plan ex at main board. I messed up the MAP tests by basically being too rusty on my maths and not fast enough to answer enough questions to get a good mark.

    As the MAP test scores carry through to main board and can’t be improved on they have said that this will obviously put me at a disadvantage before the main board even starts. Has anyone ever been in this position and how did it affect your main board? I presume they will address this issue heavily in the interviews.

    Any views or opinions are welcome.
  2. Hmm "Breifing balls up......" You are already off to a bad start on this one. Got to be honest, if you think you are going to I quote "show them i am not thick by performing well in the essays" I would suggest that you get your spelling sorted as I comes before E except after C. Apart from that good luck.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, edited for typo.
  4. Write to the president of the board
  5. It is not then end of the world. My ACA told me that the cadet that was awarded the sword of honour recently, was given a cat 3 at AOSB Briefing. Just speak to your ACA, then go from there. If you really want it there should be nothing stopping you from getting it. Just work on the areas they recommend in the report and crack on.

  6. did he just rock up to main board then
  7. I haven't got a clue with the process of what happens, I was just told that this officer cadet got a cat 3 and that he was awarded the sword of honour.

  8. Seriously, if you knew your maths was rusty why didn't you make getting up to scratch your main priority? And lets be honest it's not exactly rocket science. Sorry if i sound slightly pretentious but i spent the month before my briefing revising, reading, sleeping, shit#ing books on psychometric testing, it's no secret that if you fail to prepare you should be prepared to fail.
  9. ..apart from when it doesn't, obviously.
  10. My ACA reckons that a Cat 2 is worse than a Cat 3 because, while both are "yellow cards", only one comes with a time bar. Suck it up, revise your maths etc and make sure it dosen't happen again. Make a real effort to demonstrate proficency at SDT at Main Board and you should be grand.

    AFAIK your result at Briefing is not known to the DS staff who are assessing you, only to the DS who collate your marks at the end.

    You are far better off getting a shit result in something you feel you can improve on than something thats more difficult to change.

  11. My briefing preperation consisted of taking my AS levels.

    My main board preperation consisted of reading the telegraph and doing Winter Aid plan ex on the train to westbury.

    You can over think these things you know................................ :D
  12. Nescafe

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