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Sorry if this is a stupid question but as far as I can tell the only CV fitness test is the bleep test, I thought there would also be a mile and a half as well to do? I was looking through briefing and main board notes on the MOD site but it only said you take the MSFT at the briefing and main board and said nothing about the mile and a half. Can someone please tell me if there is in fact a mile and a half test please?
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There is not- the MSFT replaces the 1.5 mile run. 10.2 for the blokes, something lower (9 ish?) for the girls.
8 for the ladies I believe - Which I personally think is astonishingly low.

In terms of fitness, please don't overlook the assault course as this apparently catches quite a few people out who merely focus on running and completely neglect to consider needing to also be strong/agile.
8.1 for Ladies
10.2 for Gents.

YL is absolutely right. The assault course is timed and at risk of stating the obvious, the quicker you complete it the better. A few chaps at Briefing fell foul of this so beware. Give it 100% and you will be fine.

Also beware that the standard required for the MSFT is the basic standard required for entry into RMAS. You should really be completing this without any problems at all (especially if you have any desire to join the Teeth Arms). Again, crack on and give it your best. The occasion should see you through if anyone is struggling. After all, you do not want to drop out in front of potential peers and DS.


PS Yorkshire Lad, good luck at Briefing next week!
The MSFT is the easy bit. It's a low level, 10.2 and the advantage is that it does not allow you to do it best effort as it is so structured. It is merely a tick in the box.

The obstacle course is the tricky bit potentially and because it is best effort allows you to shine if yoy have prepared correctly. Make sure you can easily get over the wall and remember it's done in coveralls. That said it is fairly basic and nothing to get het up about


Recent feedback from AOSB is that candidates are turning up with insufficient upper body strength and are struggling with quite basic obstacles - like getting over the 6' wall.
About the obstacle course, what type of upper body strength obstacles are there?
and is the 6ft wall an individual only obstacle and would it be a fail on fitness grounds if you were unable to get over it?
The wall, the rope climb, and the slide cage thing are the major upper-body strength obstacles. I personally don't know the exact criteria about getting over the wall; on my scholarship board I failed to complete the wall, and subsequently failed the board on fitness grounds. That said, I did also fail one or two of the other obstacles, and failed to complete a single circuit as a result. I suspect that in my case, the whole performance was adjudged to be substandard, rather than my performance on any single obstacle. Hope this helps, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly to correct me!
It seems to me that you failed because of your performance overall rather than any obstacle in particular.

I don't think there is a pass fail obstacle as such as they all act to test agility, upper body, cardio etc.

They are all individual tests.
Also to answer the question. I don't think it would neceserially be a fail if you could not get over it but put it this way. You know its there. It's part of an assessment. Why not make sure you can do it before going for the assessment. Would you offer a job to someone who could not be bothered to prepare properly?
Thanks for the replies will definitely work on this.
Just another thing, i have to go to an Officer Briefing. (not aosb briefing) wondering if anyone knows what this would entail?
As a note on failing obstacles, my knee gave out (My ACL had snapped, not sure if it happened here or if this was just where it was diagnosed as it could have been from before as I had previous occasions in sport where the knee had given out) on the long jump, my 2nd to last activity on my first circuit on the main board obstacle course. Object not completed or attempted was the ‘Slide cage’, the only reason I left this obsace for last was preference as you pick what you feel is the fastest route and this was the order I selected.

I went to Trowbridge MIU and returned to the board on crutches later that day, and missed giving the 5 minute talk. However I did, on crutches next to the rest of my group the final race. I passed main board although I am waiting for my 2013 start date due to surgery delaying when I can attend as I have had my ACL repaired. Thing to note is do your best, and let them see it, clearly they can take things into consideration.
I was researching the bleep test and 10.2 only comes out at just over a mile so how does it correlate to a mile and a half in 10.30 if it's only a mile in about the same time?
I was researching the bleep test and 10.2 only comes out at just over a mile so how does it correlate to a mile and a half in 10.30 if it's only a mile in about the same time?
Some one has worked out that 10.2 on the MSFT is roughly equivalent to a mile and a half in 10.30. It's to do with you V02 max I believe.

At the end of the day it's irrelevant. Just make sure you can do it.
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