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Just thought I would post my thoughts and hints/tips from my experience to anyone going through the process.

The required standard is 10.2 on the bleep test and 44 press ups/50 sit ups.
It surprised me how many people failed and at the lower levels as well. Don't think of this as something you can scrape though it will be picked up on if you struggle!
We did our bleep test in our overalls and with no warm up so be wary of this might not seem like much be running in heavy restrictive overalls can make a difference if you are already barely able to scrape through.

Please be mindful that a lot of the phys is done one after the other and some of the assessing staff will run you around point to point. Talking to those on my board and the Officers realistically if you can do a mile and a half in 9:30 you should be okay.

Sit ups/Press ups:

These are done military style in the down posistion to start hands flat pointing forward at your chest for press ups and sit ups you are required to come up to the vertical. ANY lapse in form will discount that rep, you need to be able to do absolute perfect form for the entire count.
I would make sure you can do at least an additional 20 of each comfortably to ensure you pass with flying colours.

The test is max in 2 mins so you can rest and it doesn't matter how slow or fast you do them as long as they are good form and you hit the required amount. If you rest the starting posistion is the down posistion to restart.


Command tasks, obstacle course and of course MSFT rely on body strength, really ask your self can you lift your own weight? I'm quite short and although I can lift my own weight I struggled with 'The Wall' as even with a jump I could just about get my finger tips to the top.
My advise is, make sure you can hang steadily for a period of time with one hand (and feet on a rope) and you can pull your self up to your elbows from a fingertip grip.

Honestly you're physical robustness is as much on the stage as your mental apitude here so don't take the mindset that you can scrape through.
Fartlek training will really help with your bleep test and body weight excercises will assist will general robustness on the board.

MAP Test:

Don't worry about it. Honestly.
However if your maths skills aren't up to scratch or like me you're no longer required to use your brain in your day job, brush up. This will help both your MAP test and your Plan Ex.

I cannot emphasise enough, know speed/distance/time calculations inside out it will make the MAP test easier and the Plan Ex.


Grammar, spelling, sentence construction, and format are all assessed. Practice good writing skills and essay writing in a set time.

From my experience, don't waffle the Major assessing me picked up on that my written work was very concise and to the point. They don't want to read a paragraph for a pice of information that takes a sentence, practice proper essay writing techniques.

Plan Ex:

Practice! The plan Ex is a opportunity for you to excel, show how you deal with pressure and complex information. You only have a short amount of time to process and record your aims, factors, deductions, COAs and then the plan.

Again S=D/T will help you here, top tip a vehicle travelling at 30 MPH will be doing 0.5 miles per minute.

Don't forget the little details, you will be grilled on the context of the situation you are in, don't just focus on the plan. Why are you there? Who are the people you are with? What do they do? What do you do? Where in the world are you?

Also I cannot highlight enough there are more aims then you initially think, read through the narrative carefully, any piece of information no matter how small can give you an aim or factor.

For instance we are told our vehicle has X mileage of fuel. However the narrative also states you can refuel at X and that the vehicle needs to be back at point B for person A to get to X.
If you had 100 miles range you might actually only have 80 to start with. Little details will be where you could slip up on and your whole COA/plan fall apart.

Final piece of general advice on plan Ex and essay, make sure you can write fast and legible! If they can't read it, they won't mark it!


Not a lot to say here really, know your current affairs, know why you're there, shave, look smart and you will be fine.

Brush up on your military knowledge as well especially your regiments of choice.

Group discussion:

We talked about self driving cars, what would lead to the next major conflict, women's rights, doping in sport, and whether there should be a cut off to health care at a certain age. Wide range of topics and you have your own opportunity to propose one too.

Take part, honestly that's all I can say. By that I mean have your own opinion, express it and stand by it. Dont be too polite and wait your turn, it won't come. I'm not saying interrupt anyone just be forthright.

Really the key is to just get stuck in! Go in balls to the wall to everything and you will be fine.
Don't stand on the sidelines and if you have some strong characters in your group don't try and be louder or stronger than them, just influence the team. Find yourself cut out, find something to do.

In my group we had a couple bullish, overbearing candidates who battled for attention to lead, it's not about you it's about the team especially in the command tasks. Don't be afraid to tell 'number 3 we've heard your idea let number 7 talk' when your leading it's your team don't let everyone talk over each other get a couple ideas keep it simple and do it. If idea one doesn't work always have a back up.

Sorry for boring you all to death! I wish you all the best of luck and any questions feel free to ask!


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I cannot emphasise enough, know speed/distance/time calculations inside out it will make the MAP test easier and the Plan Ex.

Again S=D/T will help you here, top tip a vehicle travelling at 30 MPH will be doing 2 miles per minute.

Oh dear. Not good.

Just to put this post into context, would it be right to assume that you have been through the process as a candidate, but not as a member of the staff?
Has anyone else been through the process and found similar? From people I have spoken to some have had similar experiences and some quite different?
Help! I am going through as a x ranker. I am all ears on current affairs and fitness but I am flapping about the MAT. I am not very good without a calculator. I know my formulas but trying to workout the answers mentally slows me right down. I have heard that we won't be allowed calculators. Is this true?
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Yup no calculators I'm afraid, look don't worry too much about the MAP test.

Get some practice in there's loads of practices tests you can find online and I think there is even one on the Army's website?

They don't ask you overly complicated things, lots of addition, multiplication, division and averages.

Worse case scenario there's multiple choices you have a 1/4. Chance pot luck! When is your board?


War Hero
There's good reason officers aren't trusted with maps I'm told

Don't believe everything you hear. Map reading is a key skill for a YO, unless you want to look like a tit in front of the blokes. The officer who isn't trusted with a map probably isn't trusted with anything else much either.


This is really helpful. How long did you take to prepare yourself physically beforehand?


Id like to add to this. I recently attended AOSB as via SSE a few weeks ago and this was pretty much bang on.

We didn't do an obstacle course and the numerical reasoning test was total nails.

ive got no idea about what their scoring criteria was - they were very good at keeping their cards close to their chest.

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