Briefing 9/10 November

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ses60039, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. With my briefing date rapidly approaching I thought I would post for some last minute, nerve-calming advice!

    This week, I'll be reading the Independent cover to cover and the week on Friday, going for a few steady runs and perhaps going over a few psychometric tests, but above all - not working myself into the ground! Have I missed anything?

    I am particularly interested to learn how much you are probed in the individual interviews, or is it more of a character assessment, why? who? what etc?

  2. PM sent.
  3. Whatever PM you sent to ses, send it my way too.

    I'm on B612 also.
  4. Ses... make sure you know the answer to this question. "What does the term...Serve to Lead mean to you?"

    That was what really stumped me in the interview.

    Also...remember key timings from your planning exercise. If you get anyone with Airports, remember how many miles from airports to key locations. I got all of these right, one after the other and that really helped as I totally ballsed up my plan ex.
  5. Krek_Brizzle, any chance you'd pass that PM onto me? Cheers!
  6. EXWING, I'am not sure whether to attempt a PlanEx prior to briefing or wait until I know the protocol, which I gather is taught at Briefing?
  7. Can I get Pm'd as well please?
  8. I wouldn't worry about practicing planning exercises to much before your briefing. It all gets covered, and you're not expected to be able to do them at this stage. That being said, it can't hurt to simply look over a couple to familiarize yourself with the layout etc.

    As for the interview, again this is nothing to worry about. It's very brief, with questions along the lines of "what qualities do you have that will mean you'll do well at RMAS?" and "what else would you do with yourself if not the army?".
    The usual AOSB principles apply: relax, BE NATURAL, be enthusiastic. Unless you're actually a total nob, being honest and sincere is the safest bet to a Cat1.

    P.S. It may calm your nerves a little to hear that 7/8 of my group got cat1, with the other poor chap getting a cat2 for being too quiet. It's not rocket science, just apply yourself.

    Best of luck.
  9. ses - I did the Briefing when I was 18 and got a Cat1, even though I utterly screwed up the PlanEx. I did it a few weeks ago, and got a Cat1 and once again totally ballsed up the PlanEx.

    Just take it easy and remember critical information and you'll be fine.

    I'm sure I don't need to tell you this but clean your shoes, do your top bottom up and don't wear a shiny suit/tie, or black suit/black tie combo like your going to some posh punter bar.
  10. To pass briefing it is quite simple, don't be a knob/cnut that no one likes and be able to get near the bleep test level.

    The main thing i'd suggest for briefing is make as many notes as possible as they are telling you how to pass main board which is where it really counts. Ask questions that you have at this point as at main board you get no help. Also make sure you have some input into all tasks/topics discussed but don't hijack the group.

    Relax and enjoy yourself, if you can't enjoy the briefing or main board then you won't be able to enjoy RMAS

    if anyone has any questions about the process feel free to pm me and i'll tell you how i found it all.
  11. I thought you could only undertake the briefing once.
  12. Excellent thanks for the input guys, really going to relax this week and try and enjoy the weekend ready for Monday!

    To all those going, I am not on Facebook, but you can recognise me, I'll be the spotty adolescent running way too fast on the bleep test!

  13. Don't run too fast, there is no need. Go to the speed of the beeps and no more.

    There was a lad on my briefing last summer who sprinted from one end to the other from level 1, looking smug as everyone else jogged along at the required speed.

    He was dead on his feet by the 8th level after being thoroughly yelled at quite a few times by the officers in attendance.
  14. How many bottoms have you got then? Maybe you got Cat1 because you left your other bottom open!
  15. No worries Ian, I'll resist all temptation to go off to quickly.