Briefing 5/6th May

Yeah I'm on this one. See you there.
I'm on the one immediately afterward - 7-8 May
how did everyone do on the may 5/6 briefing?

Cat 1 here, congrats to all those that got a Cat 1 aswel and good luck to those Cat 2 or lower, hope it goes well for you
Well done! I got a cat 2, with 3 month delay for Phys. Although my cardio was fine (bleep test went well) I found some parts of the obstacle course a challenge. So hoping to go for main board in September.

Congratulations and good luck to everyone who's going on to Main Board.
Really enjoyed it. Had a really interesting group and feel lot more confident going through to main board (although plenty to work on!). However bloody hell I was so hot in those coveralls I think I could have cooked an entire roast dinner during the msft.

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