Briefing 30th Nov- 1st Dec 09- Mental Aptitude Tests?


Nearly one week to go and was just checking to see how everyone is doing with their MAP test preparation?

Does anyone know what a good score in the MAP tests is in order to pass the Briefing?


if you stick this sort of question in the regular officer recruiting forum, you'll get a better response.

I don't even know how the MAP test is scored let alone what a good score is.

I wasn't told any specific numerical or percentage score, just given an assessment along the lines of either very good/good/not good enough.
Thanks. The problem is that my maths has not been used for a while so its slightly rusty to say the least!

Is there anyone out there attending this briefing next week? I am starting to get the 'pre-match' nerves.
All I can add by way of reassurance is don't surprised/ worried if you don't finish all/any of the sections. I didn't and worried about quite a bit, but was told at the end of the weekend that it was fine. Indeed my ACA later informed me in the debrief that my score was above average, and I understand many others were in the same boat.
So in short, don't panic. Generally speaking it's testing your 'innate' intelligence. Certainly don't dwell on what you may consider to be a bad performance, letting it affect the rest of the assessments.

Best of luck!
No one I spoke to finished any of the sections. It is hard, and you need to realise that the end questions take more time than the early ones.

Practise wise, I'd do some IQ tests online, but do them very fast. Additionally doing speed distance time calculations can't hurt either jsut for a good maths refresh.

On the day though, trust your gut feeling. Your brain can think too much, your gut knows!
I think the most important point there is to not let your perceived performance in the MAP tests influence your attitude for the rest of the two days....Chin up and carry on!

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