Briefing 23rd August



I wonder how long it takes the DS to figure out who in attendance at a given briefing are the ones who have announced it on this forum... I'm booked on a briefing but I'm not saying which; wouldn't want to incriminate myself!
I would imagine if you turned up and knew everyone there, they might get a little suspicious. But if a DS came up to me and said "hello Sentinel" on Monday I would be utterly amazed and join the intelligence corps straight away as they clearly have some amazing technology I want to play with.
Best of luck chaps with the briefing.

I was meant to be attending this one, but about 6 weeks ago my ankles turned into that of an 80 year old woman!

Recovery time is holding me back from booking a place on a another briefing.

Sentinel- I read "Bullet Magnet", a very good recommendation on your part!
Cat 2, 3 month delay for my balls up on the bleep test. All in all it was great fun!
Simply did not make it to 10.2, I needed to think much less and just keep pace, forget the jump suit, forget the 5-6 officers watching you and just run.
No DS personally came up and spoke to me, but safe or not I would always watch what you say.

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