Briefing 23rd August

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by incognito1982, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi;

    Anyone set up to go on this briefing?

  2. yep, see you there
  3. I wonder how long it takes the DS to figure out who in attendance at a given briefing are the ones who have announced it on this forum... I'm booked on a briefing but I'm not saying which; wouldn't want to incriminate myself!
  4. I would imagine if you turned up and knew everyone there, they might get a little suspicious. But if a DS came up to me and said "hello Sentinel" on Monday I would be utterly amazed and join the intelligence corps straight away as they clearly have some amazing technology I want to play with.
  5. Best of luck chaps with the briefing.

    I was meant to be attending this one, but about 6 weeks ago my ankles turned into that of an 80 year old woman!

    Recovery time is holding me back from booking a place on a another briefing.

    Sentinel- I read "Bullet Magnet", a very good recommendation on your part!
  6. Sentinel - How did you get on? Cat 1?
  7. Sentinel rocked it ;) as expected. Looking forward to seeing you at board :)
  8. Cat 2, 3 month delay for my balls up on the bleep test. All in all it was great fun!
  9. Anyone in yellow section on here? I was yellow 21. Well done all, was a really good few days
  10. How did you balls it up?
  11. Simply did not make it to 10.2, I needed to think much less and just keep pace, forget the jump suit, forget the 5-6 officers watching you and just run.
  12. more importantly did any of the DS recognise you or are we safe on here?
  13. No DS personally came up and spoke to me, but safe or not I would always watch what you say.