Brief Encounter

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by celticwarrioress, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. hey
    Just wondering if any of you lot are going to Brief Encounter? Should be a laugh - am going again tho went last year - Who could forget everyone falling asleep during the after dinner speeches last year (or was that just my end of the table!)
    So this years fancy dress theme: Musical heros unless im mistaken
    Should be good fun!
  2. We've got a few coming from ULOTC. My first time so am looking forward too it. what's everyone else doing for fancy dress?
  3. I'm going again this year, should be a good weekend.

    I havent decided about fancy dress yet but should be going on an oxfam trip later today!
  4. The Leeds all-female OP display team will be there, plus a few of our lads. I sadly will not, but i have fond memories of previous ones - just don't chip the paint on King's Troop guns they get very offended.
  5. Anyone else get a massive hard on from bombard op?
  6. That's not all I got. Enough shrapnel to make my own lancaster bomber and great glee at seeing the destruction we cause. Did anyone get a video of it? If so I would very much like a copy for next years recruiting vid. tah
  7. I seem to remember one of the Birmingham guys (think it was the one who dressed up as Michael Jackson) took a video on his digital camera. Any one from Birmingham know who it mite be?
    Was a good weekend - fabulous weather - cant believe I even got a wee bit of sun burn!
    And what can you say about Kings Troop!?!?!? Judging by the fact that ever skit bar 1 took the mick out of them!

    PTI... do we even want to know what your 'own personal use' will be with the video from the bombard OP?!?!?!
  8. Meant to say...
    I've got sum photos from the weekend if anyone wants them... including photos of certain gentlemen from London and Edinburgh looking.. eh... interesting in PVCand also sum ones of things like rapier, AS90, bombard OP
    just send me a private message and I'll send them to you!
    Is there anyone here who was in Martinique?
  9. One of our girls got one I think, i'll try and get a copy and put it on the northumbrian website.
  10. i wonder what that BBC team make of the bombardment
  11. prob get alan titchmarsh in to tidy it up
  12. oh yeah great when he plantys his spade firmly into the ground strikes a blind, jumps 200ft in the air and scatters himself over a llarge area
  13. why oh why could that have not happened to you....why does god not shine his mercy on me....
  14. God isn't allowed to have a go at poofs anymore. He still gets sued about that bible book he wrote.
  15. as you mention it pti we found a 25pdr he blind which someone kicked....