Bridges that you have built and left down

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MacSapper, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. I visited a bridge today that I built on my own on time off on the build and its still there, and looks younger than me?.
    The first bridge down I was involved in was in Kenya Op Larche Pole 80 which has a Bailey.
    Our Squadron 32's kit had gone down in a shipwreck in the Bay of biscay with all of our G10 etc and we still had to do the job
    More later ?
    We ended up with three construction bridges for access over the river Gucha.
    Nightmare 9 months, no quarry no mixers, 8k tones of concrete each abutment, all by hand FKin hard days.
    Finding bridge parts was from WW"2 maps were they were built in the country, base plates were chicken feeders, jacks were in local esso tin garages.
    Needless to say we did it and The Falklands was actually an easy time after the Kenya Fiasco.
    My Bridge that I stood on today is in Glen Nevis opposite ths YMCA, it's not the main bridge, its the wee 2meter wan on the main path that they said they didn't need but Hamish MacKinnish gave me a wee dram for doing.

    Wheres your's ?
  2. MacSapper, were you involved with constructing any small NEB's enroute to the Weather Station at the base of Mt. Kenya? I was there in support of 3 Para back in 92 and 4 of us went up Mt. kenya and I remember the Para MT transport got bogged down before a bridge that had a 9 Sqn Plaque before it...?

    Edited: Forgot to Add - we built a fairly substansive bridge at Base Borden, Barrie in Canada a few years ago with mahusive RSJ's so quite possibly that is still standing!
  3. gundulph - i may be up that way sometime next week. if I happen to find it, I'll get some phots for you if you wish (provided it's still standing). any clues as to where it is?

    EDITED TO ADD: I may be going up to BORDEN, ONTARIO, not kenya. bit further of a drive for me......
  4. Google Earth it :wink:
  5. Bailey built by 11 sqn on Salisbury plain pre tour training for grapple 7
    cant remember where abouts it is on the area ,but I'm assuming its still there , it was 12 years ago and my memory is screwed cant remember where I was yesterday :oops: :oops:

    (edit spelling ) :oops:
  6. some NEB on some golf course in the gib bks area.....Guildford/Farnboro' perhaps? plus a mega 15 obstacle assault course we left in the public school grounds at Sevenoaks 8)
  7. An NEB on the Bosnia/Croatia border in 1998, up valley in the middle of nowhere in order to give us access to the Split/Knin/Zagreb railway in order to rebuild a culvert under the railway.

    I visited the site again in 2004 and the bridge was still there, although no trains use the railway now - what a waste of effort!
  8. I built a set of four(4) wooden steps at the start of a trimditch by the BFE area down the hill at Brompton in 1987..still there in 2004!!
    A testament to my engineering prowess I believe.
  9. I was there matey :) , triple single, dug out the largest bloody rock in Kenya to replace it with concrete and gabions, they still used the ferry
  10. The new Cullingworth bridge on Telic 5 still there although the decking panels have just been repaired on Telic XIII (cant bring myself to type the lucky no)
    Also 2 x NEB's in Kenya in the Aberdaires (sp) park and the foot bridge leading to the Ark (rebuilt and strengthened) But those im just hoping are still there complete with 8 Fd Sqn signs.
    And a little footbridge near Stonehaven (I think it was a long time ago) again im just hoping its still there.
  11. Having been posted to 33 halfway through my short 'career', I didn't build that many bridges for real. One that I was involved in putting in was a Maybe-Johnson on the northern Croatian / Bosnian border at a place called Blatna in 1998. There were two small Serb villages seperated by a sizeable (and mined) river and many of the residents hadn't been able to visit each other since the old bridge had been destroyed, due to the fact that they were completely surrounded by Bosniak territory. 5 Troop, 37 Field Squadron undertook the job, it was on BFBS, ITV etc and as far as I'm aware, it's still there now...