Bridge blown whose fault...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boxy, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Serious case of slopey shoulders, I like the quote

    " CanadianForces Lt.-Col. Danny Fortin said Mr. Yon's description was inaccurate. The bridge, which lies on Highway 4 a short distance from Kandahar Airfield, "does not fall within Canada's area of responsibility for security," he said.

    All the land surrounding the airport has long been the responsibility of the Royal Air Force Regiment, a British infantry unit that specializes in protecting airports from attack."
  2. Dump it on the Brits, Us and the Yanks seem to be doing all the work...and I thought ISAF was a Multinational force.
  3. This guy's an idiot trying to sling shite wherever he can, just to see if any of it sticks.

    I have no idea how these "imbedded" reporters get funded, but I surely hope it isn't the taxpayer. Him, and his blog, are a waste of rations, IMHO.

    If he wants to blather on about how the Canadians aren't doing their bit, try and remember that the Canadian Forces has only about 68,000 people, Regular and Reserve, Army, Navy and Air Force all put together. We're bloody well stretched thin putting the people on the ground that we have there already.

    Of course, the politicians could fund the military properly, but then they might not be able to give themselves all the perks and bonuses that they've been used to for decades.

    He's just a twit trying to make a name for himself by throwing around accusations. Ignore.
  4. See my bold, theres the crux is the Canandians cunning plan, the RAF Regt a infantry unit!

  5. Could have sworn I'd already had that in bold...
  6. Yon is definitely one of the good guys. I've no idea whether his fingerpointing is correct, but somebody appears to have dropped the ball.
  7. I follow his blog on facebook when i can and i got the impression he was saying SOMEONE dropped the ball, and someone at high level needed to own up and take flak for it. the canadian journo's seemt o have picked this up and turned it into victimising the canucks.
    And lol there are some funny comments about the RAF reg on the facebook site :p.
  8. They tend to do that a lot. They're a very insecure country and living next to the US has given them a serious case of small man syndrome.