Bride-to-be, 40??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Bride-to-be, 40, (Looks 45+), who had an illicit affair with 15-year-old boy (lucky lad! wish i had had a shag at 15!) is jailed after his father traps her with Jeremy Kyle-style lie detector test. Fling began when she was babysitting the boy and they had sex on sofa. They also romped in his bed and had sex while a teenage friend was in the same room playing a Playstation He visited her to comfort her after she had a row with her fiancé. The Relationship lasted for seven months until boy's father confronted her. Her Defence lawyer said she was 'ashamed, embarrassed and shocked'

    Read more @ daily wail: Bride-to-be Michelle Kay, 40, who had an illicit affair with 15-year-old boy is jailed after being trapped by Jeremy Kyle-style lie detector test | Mail Online
  2. What a fucking munter! The poor cunt who shagged that probly has no choince in the matter as no decent lass will ever give him the time of day.
  3. Her trousers are less creased than her face.
  4. I'd do her. And I'm not showing off either.
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  5. I'd do her - I'm pleased to say my cock ,when angry, still resembles a baby's arm holding an i should appeal to her
  6. AAGF


    Gets more like the News of the Screws every day ...

  7. You mean the paper that closed in July 2011 - Do try to keep up !
  8. AAGF


    Prezackly, Trigger - the Wail seems to be "filling that gap" ...
  9. She looks rough in those photos, but on closer inspection the chassis is still in good condition, and I bet dolled up for a night out & under the right light she's probably good to go! I'd go home with her at 2am after a skinful, rattle her all over, then escape by taxi before the cold light of morning revealed the truth...
  10. been with worse, and so have the rest of you.
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  11. That reminds me of a favourite thread
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  12. Bet the lad wears glasses and she hid them.
  13. Anyone who wouldn't have been up that like a rat up a drainpipe at 15 is a puff or a liar.
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  14. I hope none of the nay sayers have ever 'gone ugly early' at a party. I should imagine she scrubs up well.
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  15. i'd do her.
    but, from the other hand- my standards are pretty low. lucky he!