Alright guys. Currently going in the Sappers as an Armoured Engineer. Today I spent a couple of hours with some Sappers and they strongly advised against going in as Armoured. I wanted to go in as a Sparky but I don't have a C in GCSE maths which I think you need (correct me if I'm wrong). I've narrowed it down to either Bricky or a Building & Structural Finisher. I like the sound of both but what, from your experience suggest. Any advice would be great.

sparky is the way forward fella if you can meet the standards required.

question what qualifications are needed.

bricky or painter, spoilt for choice there eh ????

good luck.
Now now knocker....u'll find that B and SF is actually a good trade,a bevvie of trades if u will!! For example Plastering,tiling roofing name but a few of the things u learn!! Mini trades in a bricky ...thats pump!!!!!!!!
IMHO any trade is better than none. If you have the qualifications go for the one that to you sounds best. I would believe that you can still do Armd as well as having an artisan trade qualification. As discussed in other threads there may be promotion caps on certain trades and records direct you a certain way, (CoW).

I left long enough ago that things seem to have changed in the way trades, courses and promotion are mixed together. I say this from experience, as when I left I was an Armd Engr 1, Cbt Engr 1, Ftr RE 1 and Dvr RE 3. I had also done my Sect Comd, SNCO's and Fld Sgts Course's. Which again in the other threads seems to be ruled out by records these days.

Best of luck with your choice of trade and I hope you enjoy your time in the Corp.
as stated any trade is better than no trade & no corps is better then "THE CORPS".

never settle for second best if you want to be a sparky then go for it.

if you need to do a gcse in maths then do it i am sure you will reap the benefits from it in the long run, even if it just when you hit civvy strasse, screaming for sparks in civ div at present.

i am biased obviously being an electrician.

good luck.
these are the requirements to be a sparky

Male / Female Sex
17 - 33 years Age Range
4 years Min. Service
GCSEs or equivalent Qualifications
C in Mathematics and English Language, plus one other from Science (or Physics) or a technical subject Min. Grade
Sometimes they will give you a "shaded" pass, this is when they class you as having a certain grade that you havent got when your other grades are okay and your barb test is okay. AS for sparky- depends on what you want from this. You will spend about a year training for this and probably never touch anything electrical again. This happened to me as a fitter. I now have skill fade and couldnt do that job in civvy street. If you want carreer progression in the army then you're best going for driver so you can get to your unit quicker and make your mark sooner.
If you want to go for sparky i suggest you try do your maths gcse again. When i joined you needed a C in maths and there is a lot of maths as part of the course.

Even if they say yes to you starting the course, before you join, when you see the pso in phase 1 and then again on your phase 2 (I was tols i couldnt do it in phase 1 as there was no places available for that year, this then changed 12 weeks later), there is an assessment at the start of the course to see if you are up to it.

Sparky is probably one of the hardest engineer courses to get on and pass.

As with most trades it isnt often touched on in a unit, Ive touched a generator twice in the last 2 years! There are trade postings out there (Power troop in ARRC is definately good for a sparky).

As knocker said, any trade is better than none.
done my trade for the most of the 17 years since i qualified & my last two postings have been trade specific.

so there are the jobs/postings out there.

go for it.

sapper1743 said:
.....KNACKER.....Phone tapping is NOT a trade!!!!!
not too much of that if you please, i believed her, in all good faith, when she gave me that phone number :D :wink: :D :wink:
B+sf is a good trade to have,you cover many things such as tiling,flooring,spray,plastering etc. Alot of thesr u could fall back on if u were to get out.
Also GO Armd! We have the newest vechicles in the corp, and it beats having to put a bridge in by hand! U dont even get to stick orange poles in any more as a knocker as we Armd do that aswell!
titsinatophat said:
Well lets face it, sticking orange poles in is hardly the glamorous element of being a sapper now is it!
orange poles certainly fecking beats monkeying 6' pickets into the ground like the "good ol days" :x :cry: :x :cry:
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