Brick Walls

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by gibson097, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. I cant name the people I cant allude to the circumstances for fear of reprisal. BUT I am up to my chin with the narrow minded missinformed short sighted inexperienced under qualified Bigots that head up this bloody establishment. Truly I simply cannot wait to be free of this dire excuse for a military unit.

    What ever happened to pride, honour, sense of purpose and what the hell do I do to fill the vacuum of pure good fun that was my prior experience of the British Army before I was whole heartedly conned into this den of Feckwits !!!! EH! EH ?

    WEll ???

    (edited to try and avoid a loss of pensionable service)
  2. Huh? That reads fckuing awful. Whatever it is you are on about, maybe it is just you.
  3. Just venting W.T. and yes it probably didnt make much sense. Hence Ive chopped off the last bit.

    Im just threaders with the whole deal
  4. That's okay gibs, hope you get better soon, I'll be thinking of you.
  5. Poor old gibbo, I remember the day we took off our Jimmies and donned the grey hankie. Six years on I still cry myself to sleep hugging a copy of the wire and lamenting the loss of the real army in my pitiful life.
  6. you must work for the same muppets as I do, Hussssaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!
  7. Having just joined the AMS I am now getting a little scared, given the amount of unhappy pi$$ed off people that regularly post on this board.....Is there any hope?
  8. Kin'ell Gibson097, we need more than that to go on, It sounds like youre leavin anyway.

    Give them barstewards whatfor.!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  9. Naaaah, that went years ago :roll:

    Only despair, abuse and wretchedness survive now in the AMS :wink:
  10. Without being particularly specific what units should be avoided?
  11. D-L When you off then ??
  12. There is always hope, I hope to be a civilian very soon.

    In fact in 338 days my hopes will be realised !
  13. Where did they get posted to?
  14. The one Gibson097 is at by the sounds of things!

    Gibson, you can't have that much longer left?