Bribing Foreign Prisoners to Leave!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Horridlittleman, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Daily Telegraph link.

    John Reid is offering up to £2500 for foreign prisoners to leave UK prisoners and serve their sentences in their own country.

    Why should we even contemplate asking these people? They are in prison because they have broken the law and as such should be deported whether they wish to go or not.
  2. Especially considering that they will take their £2.5K and come straight back to the UK! They should be forcibly repatriated, no rights considered as they are prisoners who have broken the laws of the country they chose to infest.

    Could the Government arrange to pay the £2.5K as a bounty to anyone that "assists" in the repatriation of this scum?
  3. Yep it really is that simple.

    Deport them straight away to the where they came from and no right of return.

    Pollies always make a meal of it and with the taxpayers hard earned brass.
  4. Wasn't the idea to send them to prison in their own country???

    Even of they decided not to take up the offer, at the end of their sentences foreign nationals usually get sent back to their country of origin.
  5. Sven - the idea is that they get sent back to their own country and serve their sentence. However why do we give them an option? The only reasons I can think of for them not wanting to return are that:

    a - their prisons are not as nice!
    b - they want to stay in UK once they leave prison, using appeal after appeal or disappearing along with other illegal immigrants.

    The point is we shouldn't have to keep them here just because they don't want to go home! We certainly shouldn't offer money to get them to do it!
  6. Actually, I understand that the reason we keep them in jail to do their sentence before deporting them is so that their own countries jails don't just let them out as soon as they report for jailtime
  7. Aha, reading into it a little more shows that the only foreign prisoners this applies to are EU nationals (whose countries agree to the prison swap). It apears that 800 UK nationals are in EU prisons and we have 2000 EU nationals in our prisons - this would only free up 1200 spaces if all were swapped!
  8. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    Why? Why must we pay for these scum when they should have been deported and left to the mercy of their own legal system, at the point of arrest and charging. What kind of message will that send to the parasites who come here to leech off our backs? No wonder the BNP are gaining ground with every new Government "initiative"

  9. They should be allowed the time it takes for them to run to Dover to learn how to fcuking swim.
  10. Didn't someone in another thread ask what "liberal" attitudes are we talking about.

    Sorry, this is yet another half-baked, head in the sand cr4p idea from a government that cannot help but fcuk things up and blame others.

    As previous posters have said we should commute your sentance to time served here is 2.5k to buy a one way ticket home at the cost of.. yes you guessed it 2.5k. Oh and if you set foot in this country again it's the outer hebradies for you for the next 10 years rock breaking.

  11. I remember watching a programme about the way Italy deals with "foreigners" it doesn’t want….ok - they weren't convicted crims, but the idea could be used...

    The police had a hotline to the local international airport and whenever a flight to a country (where said scrote might hail from) was leaving with an empty seat, Luigi and mates turned up, arrested the undesirable and before he could say "Oi - wot about my two and half K?", he'd be at 25,000ft flying south (normally).

    It's a long shot....but it might just work!
  12. Prison swap - what a great idea for a new reality TV programme! Let's contact Channel 4. Chav scum could be given camcorders and sent to serve two weeks of their sentence in, say, a Turkish jail.

    (they would of course also have to be given a large supply of KY to take with them) :twisted:
  13. [align=center]shoudnt give them a option to be sent to there own countrys, should just make them! deportation and then ban them from returnin! if u come to out country..respect our laws![/align]
  14. Should we ask them if they would like to keep their HM Prison issue slippers as well............

    FFS put em in a prison that is actually a punishment preferrably in their own country and a one way ticket back there with details flagged to stop reentry. None of this offer them some cash idea or they will be queing up to commit crime.
  15. Deport the lot of them! And the Families of those from overseas who have chosen to break our laws.

    :x :x :x

    Great Britain NOT 'Britain'

    It's time these damn politicians grew a spine, stuck up for the Country and not pander to the whim of the do-gooders.