Bribe frees Taliban commander

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by box-of-frogs, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. It might pay us to bribe the prison wardens to keep them in!
  2. Next time he's captured make sure he's captured dead.

    Edited to add: And make sure his body is never found, disappear the terrorist.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Or just detain him in one of our facilities?

  4. Shouldn't he be wearing orange and enjoying the hospitality of our American friends?
  5. Gets my vote! I'm sure the yanks could arrange for him to fall out of a helicopter whilst trying to escape...... :twisted:
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Too late. Deepcut's being demolished.
  7. He simply would pay more.
  8. Fine. Make sure he's chained to a radiator when the bulldozers move in.
  9. We're not Russian, Sergey. A crate of vodka's not enough to make Brit squaddies help the enemy.

    Btw, was anybody punished for the theft? As I understand - nobody. So if not 7,500 but 75,000 lovely Pounds would be proposed then who knows what would happen.

    As I'm aware the fate of $260,000 is still unclear.
  11. Why, if the BBC, as a national sinstitution, is in contact with this creature, are they not assisting our forces in making sure he doesn't stay at large for too long?
    Surely to be in contact with a terrorist, but NOT revealing information that helps his capture is tantamount to supporting terrorism?

    Or am I just being naive?
  12. Well it could be worse , you could get kicked out of the country and declared PNG for highlighting this sort of thing.

  13. No Sergey, even the absolute worst squaddie in the Army wouldn't endanger the lives of other British soldiers for money. There's theft and treason- which is too high-falutin' a word for something as basic and inherently unthinkable as putting your mates at risk.

    So the Baha Musa case- the fact you trot it out so often shows how little dirt can one actually dig up on British soldiers, despite us having journalists who don't get slotted on their doorsteps for reporting our failings- is really, very, very irrelevant, tragic and horrible though it is.

    I'm sure far more Russian soldiers have been beaten to death by their own comrades since 2003 than have persons been unlawfully harmed by British soldiers in both theatres of war.

    But there's no point willy-waving- it's cold in Moscow. :wink:
  14. Indeed, Rumpelstiltskin its cold now in Moscow. Though the cold is not too severe -15C ... -20C.

    I meant not Baha Mousa case itself but the theft happened in the hotel where he worked and as I see the case was not addressed.

    British soldiers as other soldiers around the Globe are merely human beings. So who would blame Brits who sold their stories about Iranian captivity?

    Suppose that Afghan warlord is captured. But there are hundreds and thousands other warlords and he would be replaced by another nutter very easily. But suppose that guards (British or American) would receive very attractive proposition...

    If it is possible to escape from heavily guarded Bagram base then in theory it is possible everywhere in Afghanistan.