Brian Hawes - Peace Protestor?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mukhabarat2003, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday my three companions and I left the Cenotaph after the instruction by tannoy that it was safe to do so.

    On reaching Parliament Square we saw Brian Hawes, the self acclaimed Peace Protestor, starting to set about a shortish veteran aged about 75/80 who was using a stick for support. He was shouting and screaming at the veteran and when we called across to him to leave the bloke alone he became very abusive and shouted out 'He called me a cnut!'

    As we were nearby I quickly stood in between Hawes and the unknown veteran - who was sporting a fine row of polished medals and suggested he might like to leave.

    Hawes was behind me screaming at the top of his voice, 'But he called me a cnut!'

    When I turned round to face him I told him to shut up and suggested he might like a fracás with me. He stood back at that and muttered the same immortal words about being called a cnut.

    Well I couldn't help myself because I retorted, 'You pick on an easy target and if he did call you a cnut he wasn't wrong. You don't like it when the target isn't quite so easy, do you?'

    Guess what? No answer as he sloped away back to his kerbside crap heap.

    I thought I'd report the matter to Police as I had three very reliable witnesses ,ex-services, ex police and there was not one to be seen.....

    As we walked away, my old sarge turns round as says, 'There's an even bigger one than that waste of space....look someones giving him money.'

    And so they were.

    So, is the bloke a nut or a cnut or both. Is there something else he is?

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  2. This waste of space needs to be culled at the earliest possible opportunity.

    He is able to have his little 'hissy fits' only because one of the medal wearers won him the right.

    Well done mukhabarat for defending the vet, at least you demonstrated that Hawes has no balls for a fight.

  3. Am sure the Old Bill would have loved to have locked him up. The Sancamoneous low life.
  4. I bet that hat has tinfoil on the inside. Tosser.
  5. He is a nutter.... I've met him quite a few times... Report the incident, the more poo he collects, the quicker he'll be scraped up and put in the doo doo bin...
  6. From all I've seen and read about this chappie, he does appear to be somewhat unhinged. Or have I got something radically wrong?

  7. Gentlemen, I and no doubt many of you signed on the dotted line ( or made your mark!) in order to preserve free speech and the ability to do it in public. Whilst the guy may, in our opinion, be a little misguided, the very fact that he can do what he is doing, reminds me that we and those before us, have kept our end of the bargain. When they cart people with unpopular views off in cattle carts we need to worry. I don't agree with him, but he has the right to his views.
  8. Agreed White. Let these people speak, even though what they sometimes say cuts to the bone.....its a principle we were all there remembering on Sunday, wasn't it!
    I would have also defended the right of the old chap too's his right to call him a cnut without being physically harrased...
  9. You may have a point, but screaming at an old veteran who was voicing his opinion and expressing his freedom of speech, while shying away from a younger person voicing the same opinion, is the act of a bully and a coward.

    If he had the b4lls to show his disgust to everyone who thought he was a cnut, fair play. But he's wrong to only voice his displeasure with weaker older citizens. Something by the way I don't think the cnut qualifies to be called.
  10. He is a cnut - I used to work near there. He is not quite right in the head though and whilst free speech is to be defended he really belongs somewhere warm, safe and locked.
  11. I've edited my post as I left out an important word. :oops:
  12. he may be a bit of a cnut, but he's embarrsed this Govt enough times to make him worthy of some respect. Him and the bloke that dressed up as Charlie Chaplin and stood in Parliament square holding a banner that Said "the right to remain silent". When quized by police if he was protesting something (protesting there without a licence is an offence), he said nothing but instead remained silent. The Police then decided he was protesting so arrested him, this included reading him his rights, including the right to remain silent.
  13. I find laughing and pointing in their general direction (avec 'Monty Python') has much better results than confronting these people with aggression or reason.
  14. Brian is a miserable nasty b*stard!...he shouted angrily at me last week as I went back for a third time to get a picture of him for my assignment at uni which is on the freedom of speech, and so I wont give him my time and energy now. I went to the Cenotaph yesterday and did wonder if there would be any abuse of the veterens by him and his followers. He is so stupid he can't understand the irony that his freedom to protest was afforded to him by the men and women he was heckling yesterday, and at a high cost.

    The attention he gets has gone to his head. When he is gone he will be forgotten!

    I was very near there, not far from Westminster station when I had the pleasure in meeting a lone veteran who was on two sticks, 80 years of age and had made what was for him a long journey from Harrow. I took his photo and found out a little about him. He will not be forgotten!, not by me anyway.
  15. For what? As much as I don't agree with Mr Hawes stance, views, and the irony he defeats by his action, if he were to believed, he retorted back to someone calling him a negative name, I can't see the arrestable offence. Perhaps his behaviour was more harsh than my imagination allows.