Brian Haw dies from Lung Cancer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RP578, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    BBC News - Parliament Square peace campaigner Brian Haw dies

    Apologies if already posted:

    Can't really think of what he achieved beyond making himself a fixture on the tourist circuit. I always thought that if he's wanted to make a positive contribution towards highlighting the situation of Iraqis/Afghans/Palestinians etc., there were probably more effective ways to do it rather than draw attention to yourself.

    Still, each to their own.
  2. Think of all the money Boris could have saved by waiting for him to kick the bucket instead of going to the High Court to get rid of him.
  3. It was all paid for by the tax on his fags.
  4. I see an opportunity here; man lives in polluted atmosphere and dies of lung cancer. Quango set up to examine theory that camping next to roads poses a health risk. Funded by an extra levy on fuel under Haw's law, kerching.
  5. I thought the man had some considerable guts and integrity. He found the right place to look every single one of our mediocre, grasping tosser MPs in the eye every day and remind them that accountability takes many forms.

    But he did scounge a lot of fags and that's what caught up with him. Sad story.
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  6. He managed to have far more influence than your average MP, short of donning a black balaclava and paying Blair a visit in the wee small hours I fail to see how he could have done any more for his cause. With the help of the High court, Law Lords & HRA he's done more than anyone else I can think of to keep the politicians in their place. It should be his statue in Parliament Square, more relevant to the UK than Mandela's
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  7. He stood up for what he believed and he achieved what he could despite his minimal resources. What more can we ask of the man. You may not like his politics but you have to admire his determination.
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  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    What exactly did he achieve? What has changed in the 10 or so years he sat outside Parliament, making an eyesore of the surrounding area along with the hippies who tagged along with him? Unless I am missing something, nothing appears to be any different.

    There was more concern over whether he would interfere with the massed media coverage of Wills and Katey's wedding procession than all the rest of the time he was there put together.
  9. He publicised his cause very effectively. That's all he could achieve. If he had millions in the bank he could have spent it all going to the high court to hold the government to account. He didn't have millions so he made a nuisance of himself and spent his time going to court while they were trying to sack him. I repeat, HE DID WHAT HE COULD.
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  10. He was as effective as the government were in trying to silence him and more effective than the war he was protesting against, if we accept the reasons stated for invading Iraq in the first place. It's a "wait out" on his real legacy until the next hair brained military intervention is discussed in No10, but Libya suggests it's so far so good.
  11. He made a bloody eyesore of Parliament Square, and thanks to him has ensured that no one currently has access to it, as its all fenced off to prevent the current crop of campaigners parking on the grass. If he wanted his legacy to be the denial of freedom of access to the British people, then he's done bloody well. Good riddance I say.
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  12. Well that's alright, as long as you only wanted to take your photo infront of the big house or cheer the to55ers on the inside.
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Purely because its 'one war too many' and we are bankrupt. What does it say if France & us combined can't even mobilise a force, despite everyone now openly talking about targeted strikes, regime changes and 'as long as it takes' rhetoric?

    All this proves is Haw achieved nothing. All he really did was make a name for himself. Protesting wars is nothing new, and will be nothing new in 1000 years time. He however, will be forgotten in 10 years time, if not sooner.
  14. Got it. I'm off to the Peace Camp at Faslane with 60,000 filterless Woodbines.
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  15. Did he really die of lung cancer? How can we be sure that he wasn't silenced by someone in the pay of the Government? I think a full independent investigation should take place.
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