Brian Haw Allowed to Protest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. BBC News

    Brian Haw has won his legal battle to protest in Parliament Square:

    I didn't realise he had been charged under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, seems a little over the top! Personally I'm glad he can resurrect his protest. One in the eye for Bliar?
  2. For the Met to say that they were concerned that terrorists could hide bombs amongst his banners, seemed a bit specious. On that basis, all trees should be cut down, statuary removed and buildings cleared within a blast zone of Parlyment - 'just in case'. Don't nec agree with what Mr Haw says - but he should be allowed to say it. Anywhere.
  3. The man has seven fecking children....................

    Given that his effect is zero shouldn't he be doing something to help pay for their upkeep?
  4. Brian Haw may be (arguably) a complete psycho, but he's a person willing to take it to the limits for free speech. It's just a shame that there aren't more like him in the UK. Phoney Tony seems automatically opposed to anybody who questions his diktats, much like Babbeo Bush actually.

    I'm glad he won! More power to his elbow. He's carrying the flag for all UKeans (if that's a word, you heard it here first). I still can't understand why he was charged under the "Serious Crimes and Police Act", though. Maybe it was just the Old Bill sucking up to Phoney Tony (did he have a hand in this?) and using it on the basis of "the more serious the better to frighten people", politically correct arrseholes that they are.
  5. Right then, he'll be popping round to your place to say it this evening.
  6. He'll be wanting a shower, I would imagine? Then I'll put some towels out.
  7. Dilfor, does SLR Boy follow you everywhere?
  8. That's a matter for the social services gestapo, not the Serious Crimes unit.
  9. Don't knock it - I'm chuffed to bits at pulling so quickly. Its far better than internet dating.

    He seems a lot better of late, don't you think? A bit more humour and a bit less Iraq-focussed tortured angst? Must be getting some.
  10. He seems a nutter but he should be allowed to protest in a peaceful manner.
  12. If I sat around all day I'd have plenty of energy for the wife too, what is the salary? Is he recruiting?
  13. No I don't follow our good friend Dilfor around.
    But I am always on the lookout for a weak flank to attack or the sick and injured to devour.

    Hope that's cleared matters up and for now, good afternoon to you sir.
  14. You are a Hyena then?
  15. Good on him. Free speech is way too precious to let a bumbling police force like the Met stamp it out.

    I presume, however, that the rest of us taxpayers are funding his wee holiday in the smoke? If he is still getting his job seekers' allowance (or whatever the Govt are calling it these days) then he should be doing a wee bit more 'seeking'. Lazy tw*t.