Brian Goudie. Bootneck Walt.

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Sickly Rupert, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. This is Walt Brian Goudie who claims to be a a Royal Marine Captain AND a Scottish barrister whilst fleecing expats down in Pattaya, Thailand.Utter twat.

    Brian Goldie Police 5.jpg


    Read more here
  2. He'd fit right in here.
  3. Shock, horror.

    A wretch in Pattaya, Thailand.
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  4. Obviously he only moved to Thailand for his business.
  5. 'Fleecing' the paedos, Lady Boy sexpests and the like. Birds of a feather methinks.
  6. Sickly Rupert,

    How many kids have you fucked?
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  7. This story has been done before.
  8. Has anybody else noticed that this twat and another one, much further along the road of self-agrandisement and lying, both seem to like to be seen dressed in skirts?

  9. living the dream!
  10. He's not Scottish....he's British! He'll only be Scottish if he fleeces an OAP who has since been forced to eat her flip flops and live in a wheely bin. Until then, he's as British as Andy Murray.
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  11. I give rimjobs to lady boys, kids cry too much and they smell.
  12. Masking your rampant child fucking habit with claims of homosexuality is a new one.

  13. As opposed to most of your fine lot practically taking over the place?! ^_^
  14. I hate walt threads.