Brian Evicted ...Thanks To Boris.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Haw .... man of priciple or professional sponging bludger?
  2. I'd say he has more principles than Boris.
  3. At last a bit of common sense. The man has a right to free speech, but no right to live rent free in central London by occupying public space.
  4. Except that living in a tent in all weathers for years on end, no running water, no loos etc. etc for years on end doesn't really have the sort of cushiness that 'rent-free in central London' implies.

    Haw has real guts and firm principles, even if he and Barbara Tucker are a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.
  5. You also forgot that principles of making himself unable to be employed, but hey, let's not hold that against him, eh? Just how did he manage to support himself all these years?
  6. +1.....they're a ******* eyesore. Do your pump Marches and plakard waiving, but go home at the end of it.
  7. No idea but who is funding his Hospital treatment in Germany?

    I don't want to see these filthy scum when I visit London, Pikey's have more rights than honest law abiding citizens. If they want to protest they can do so by letter.
  8. He needs a bloody good scrubbing

  9. Haven't a clue, but whether it's benefits, donations, savings or some other handout, he certainly isn't raking it in. His entire set-up is a complete mess.

    As I said, the man may have lost a few marbles, but there's a certain courage in choosing to stand up for what you believe in spite of losing everything.

    Whether you think what Brian Haw believes is worth standing up for is your own decision, and another matter entirely.
  10. As was stated, have your protest, then **** off back to the hole you came from. Dont hang about stinking the place out and making it an eyesore for everyone because you want to protest about something.

  11. Our local window licker has a 'certain courage' in his habit of trying to rub buses as they move in and out of the bus station, not to be encouraged though.
  12. Garbage, the unwashed creatures are bad for tourism and makes the place look untidy. I reckon Boris should do patrols daily in a road roller. I don't want to see these smelly vermin when I go to London.
  13. Here here.....too much shite in London already!!

    And bollocks to his stance on world no one is listening!!