BRF/FST Whats the real story ?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by dpmweskit, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm in the HAC. Pretty new. I am looking if a fellow arrser can give me a straight answer. Last year some officer from 4/73 Bty came to Armoury House and gave us all a big presentation about what a brilliant time 4/73 had on Herrick. Lots of video and slides of blokes looking ally and nails.

    He said that they were going to be the BRF for Herrick 11 and 12 and that it was a cert they would get really good jobs so we should all sign up and mobilise. And our PSIs said the same, went on about the Brigade Recce and how if we volunteered we would be part of a unit not sent out as single reinforcements because some of the blokes have had a really sh*t time when they got sent as single reinforcements to other units.

    Now the rumour is that 4/73 wont be the BRF. I have some mates who are going to do FST jobs but after what we got told last year this is confusing..

    What I want to know is what HONESTLY is the difference. I know about the different jobs. But why was the officer making such a fuss about 473 getting the BRF job ? And if 4/73 are not doing it who is ?
  2. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Phone Catterick and find out.
  3. Yes. Cheers for that bit of helpful advice. :threaten:

    1. That's hardly going to go down well with my chain of command
    2. I'm asking here because I want a straight answer. I am hardly going to get that from the same source that just did a showy powerpoint presentation with the express purpose of recruiting me. (I'm NOT asking bone question about "what's it like in the special OPs either. I know)
    3. I know what catterick will say - they have had their chance and proved to be bullsh*tting. So I am trying to gather some more evidence, independent points of view, advice from other people. Is that so strange ?
  4. Yet again the HAC prove their grasp of OpSec. I thought they were supposed to be intelligent.

    T W A T

    I reckon you've just single handedly ensured that they wont get any 'interesting' jobs for some time to come.
  5. Get a fcuking grip. As if, on one post on ARRSE, 4/73 are not going to be given any BRF or 'decent' jobs. He is asking a simple question. Are 4/73 talking a load of bollocks or is what the bloke briefed accurate ? We have all been on the end of some bullsh!t brief and when you have volunteered it is nothing like what was said. I'd certainly want to know before I signed up for 12 months.

    Whilst it might be sensitive at the moment it will be printed all over the front cover of Soldier soon enough.
  6. Since when has what some tosser from the HAC does got anything to do with the jobs 4/73 get? It's the HAC he's stuffed he's shown himself and the HAC up as completely unaware of OpSec. Pretty basic to the 'Special OPs' he claims to know all about.
  7. I fail to see what the 'opsec' issue is. I am simply asking whether it is 473 doing the BRF job as we were told and which was sold to us a really good, or whether they are going to be doing the FST job which the presenter suggested was a lot less interesting.

    "Unit that specialises in OPs might do Brigade recce job" shocker ! What OPSEC issue is there with that exactly ? A lot less than the double page photo spread in Gunner a couple of months back I would guess.....
  8. Well if you took the time to read his post, it looks like 4/73 went to them and gave them a brief with the aim of getting them to mobilise to they would deploy with 4/73. So all he is asking is if 4/73 are down to do BRF on Herrick ** or whatever.

  9. Oh yeah, a FST job in the 'stan, that will be really fricking boring :roll:

    I can tell you they have done some very interesting stuff in the past, no OPSEC issue its all over frigging Gunner and Soldier, whether they do it again, they are the only fecker that will know for sure.

    What I can say is whatever they do, a tour out there with them will be interesting.
  10. Thanks, Wellyhead, sort of. Sure that any tour would be 'interesting'. But whether it is FST or BRF makes a difference to how we would deploy and be used and the jobs individuals would get. Its not the only thing but a lot of it is a question of whether I'd go with a big bunch of my mates, people I know and have trained with or be sent out to be the fifth guy in somebody elses team. Not knocking the FST thing, just that the presenter bigged up the whole BRF thing and I would rather go with my mates than just some random blokes. Just trying to find out what the score is.
  11. I'm sensing that you are very green and probably haven't even passed off your recruits course yet if you've even got that far, hence the bone question to all and sundry. Otherwise you would be asking the people that really know directly. I suggest you just concentrate on learning the basics first then worry about Herrick when you've grown some hairs on your sack.
  12. Well the patronising chippy types are out in force aren't they ? It's a simple enough question with a simple enough answer. Forgive me for hoping that someone on here could provide some straight information. The fact that nobody can - or you are evading the issue - makes me think it even more likely that the presenter - who you'd think was someone in the know - was spinning us a line.

    Edited to add that I've just had a really helpful PM that explains it all. Cheers.

    Moral of the story: never believe anything you're told by someone trying to get you to volunteer for something.
  13. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I do not think anyone is avoiding the question reading through the posts.
    Firstly if you are in the HAC as you state then you should really be speaking to 4/73 Battery first hand being as you are the sister battery to them. If you have any burning questions they should be directed to the relevant personnel.

    Secondly, it is clear you are greener than freshly mowed grass and have no idea about OPSEC, therefore no one is going to give you a clear answer regarding operational taskings and responsibilites on a public forum, hence certain members short fuses on this subject.

    Dry your eyes, grow a pair and phone Catterick and get it from the Battery direct.
  14. I have access to the information you seek and I can categorically state that there IS an OPSEC issue. Speculation as to the orbat for future Herricks (even to mates "offline") is verboten as it is unhelpful and things will undoubtedly change. To that end, the likelihood of anyone in the know telling you over an open forum is nil (or I would sincerely hope so).

    It isn't my intent to demean or belittle you in this post, rather to educate.

    I have served as an FST commander in Afghan and can assure you that you'll be just as busy and in demand as you will as part of the BRF. You cut around the place from Op to Op doing the job you trained for in both cases. Most FSTs had the opportunity to serve with a vast array of different sub units and all did some weird and wonderful stuff (one of our Sgts found himself commanding Prince Harry's FST). Whichever job you do, you'll find it immensely testing, exhausting, professionally satisfying and ball bouncingly good fun!