Brexit - The Final

I have a rule of thumb way to work out the results of another referendum.
  1. I assume everyone that votes for the Brexit party would vote to leave the EU.
  2. I assume that between a quarter to a third of those who vote for other parties would be in favour of Brexit, but are voting for their existing party out of loyalty. For example, some Brexit supporters will still vote Tory.
On this basis:
  1. Min vote to leave = 33% + (67% x 25%) = 49.75%
  2. Max vote to leave = 33% + (67% x 33%) = 55.1%
If those figures hold, my back of fag packet calculation suggests 'out' would win a second referendum.

Classic mangler logic.

At least ground your assumptions in some kind of reality.
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I’m quite disappointed the thread has not sunk to the depths of highlight spelung n grimattttical ErRurs.
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I did work hard - to get the career I have now. And having checked my academic pension forecast, I see I was right to sack off the army. (As for the silly bits about studying on exercise etc, I did just that - as I’ve repeatedly said I started my degree whilst in - I had no intention of staying in,my aim was to pursue an academic career).

As for the rest of the excuses, they are just that. Also the bit about people just want the qual and don’t care if you repeatedly fail a course on understanding the weather shows how out of touch with the real world you are.

Not to mention you failed a course on understanding the weather.
More off topic shite.
More off topic shite.

Hello Biff, it’s been a while mate. Never expected you to come back after you said you were never coming back.

How was the real world? As you remembered? Is that why you’re back?
Awww... Baggers having a wickle head dobber tantrum again.

Care in the community is doing him no favours.
I feel it's an achievement that he now gives all my posts a 'dumb' rating. Maybe if I say he's a wonderful, intelligent, reasonable human being, he'll do the same.
Hi will Boris Johnson as PM change anything?
Boris isn’t daft. He knows exactly what has to happen to leave the EU, he just chooses rather selectively who to tell, although his reported comments at BIBA today are telling. He knows both the implementation period and backstop are required.

Be in no doubt that in the implementation period that’s coming up – but also if we get this wrong in the backstop and beyond – Brussels could use the opportunity to undermine the competitiveness of our businesses and our markets.”

Boris Johnson warns EU deal could undermine UK insurance market

Regardless of who’s in the driving seat, the options remain the same.

The Deal.
No Deal.
No Brexit.
Old, Baggie?

You need to work on your aim. Try to breathe and relax then take your time getting the dobber into position before committing.

Slow children, eh?

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