Brexit - The Final

Three options...

Hard brexit...majority against it. It would be an economic disaster.
May's deal....majority against it. It would be a political disaster.
Remain....majority against it. 17.4 million old farts get pissed off.

So remain it is.
Really? Well everyone seems perfectly happy and there's been no massive backlash against the turncoat lying bastards so I expect we'll probably just beg to rejoin and then carry on as normal.
We can't rejoin if we haven't left.


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Which is why they are sinking faster than the Bismarck in the North Atlantic. May lied to the electorate and took them for fools. Well the joke is on her because the electorate are about to have the last laugh!
May is reportedly to be told - set your leaving date or adios.

Theresa May to be told: give us your leaving date or you'll be gone in a month
Theresa May will be forced from office within a month if she does not set out a timetable for her departure when she meets senior backbench MPs on Thursday. The Prime Minister will be told she faces the prospect of a confidence vote of her own MPs on June 12 if she does not agree to quit before the summer.

Mrs May has already promised to stand down once Britain has formally left the EU, but the executive of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tories will tell her today that she must agree to resign regardless of whether her Brexit deal is passed by Parliament.
May predictably will try and set her leaving date well into the future in the hopes that a miracle will save her job as PM. Which means she still may be forced out.

And its shutting the stable door after the door had bolted. At the very minimum, the first massive defeat handed to May's WA, following the botched 2017 GE, was a massive clue that she needed to be given her marching orders. Now, no matter how good her successor is, May's f--- ups will be used to repeatedly beat then around the head and stifle any electoral recovery.

In addition, the Brexit party is going for the one-two. They're asking for volunteers for the Peterborough by-election. If they win there, the Tory party is in deep smeg. That'll mean that the Brexit party has the potential to replace Tory (and Labour) MP's in a FPTP election.

The Brexit Party already has over 100,000 members. It's thus raised £2.5 million from membership fees alone . If you add in the other publicly declared donations, it has a war chest of £3 million and is not heavily in debt like Labour and the Tories. It's going to be in a good financial position to fight a GE should the Tory party be defeated in a confidence vote.

May's put the Tory party into the intensive care ward and the patient may not survive.

The Tory party will die this may 23rd.

And Labour won't fair well either.

Change UK will not even get off the ground. Splendid job prospects for those who jumped from other parties.
While I voted leave and hope that we leave without a deal, my natural pessimism keeps me cautious about the result on 23 May. To me it's not a done deal that the Tories/labour will get hammered.

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