Brexit - The Final

Most people seem to manage on a mobile. So you're a plagiarist as well eh? The plot sickens.

I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word plagiarism.
No the majority didn’t and they still don’t. Hence popularity of Tory austerity in regards to disabled people; women’s suffrage movement (although it was WW2 that was responsible for much of the progression there); and certainly the rights of gay people were certainly not championed by the majority).
Nothing has been 'championed' by the majority you mong.

Hence the term 'champion'.

You're talking sh*t to prove your point and thus undermining it.

If we didn't want gay folk to have rights then they wouldn't have them. Tory austerity :roll: has nought to do with disabled people's rights.

Women's suffrage was WW1 btw.
Radio York has been interviewing various candidates for the upcoming elections
The Change UK candidate was no
Seems she's defected over from somewhere else after serving as an MEP for 12 years
The interviewer pointed out that her leaflet had neither her name or picture on it
She reolied she hadn't been expecting to stand and people would know who she is as she's been an MEP before
It was a bit car crashy it kind of came across as I've had 12 years on the gravy train and don't want to come off
Multiply by hundreds.


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Change UK thought other MP's would follow the initial defections and they'd be a new force in UK politics. The response was non-existent.

Now they're at significant risk of losing their seats. Which makes me rather suspect they'll abstain in any vote of confidence in the government, stating the present parliament was elected to deal with Brexit.

All on principle of course - and not motivated by fear of losing their seats.

Every post on its merits. But you know that.
How long have you been afflicted? It must be terrible to live with. You'll be getting fat through pie eating and growing a ponytail next.

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