Brexit - The Final

He's referring to the "four pillars", not the allowable water content in chicken.......but then you know that.

Have you ever taken the time to look at the appendices to trade deals that deal with the minutiae of standards? If not, you should.........
He is not referring to the four pillars, as the four are not being maintained.
More slime. The government and all the leading figures said that leaving the EU meant leaving the SM and CU.

Do we really have to re-fight the referendum?
The remain people and government said that but it was all project fear according to you lot....... Leave bandied all sorts of bollocks, Norway etc...
Can somebody** please explain to me why parliament keep having these votes?

As far as I'm aware we all voted 3 years ago.

I get that PMTM is trying to negotiate some kind of deal and asking 650 self-serving w@nkers for an overall consensus over her proposal.... but why does that have to hold up the will of the people?

Here's the thing. I'm organising the 2012 Summer Ball right? It's set for the first Saturday in September and off the back of the Olympics, it's going to be a Best of British absolute belter; massive budget, no holds barred, proper posh do and all that.

The date is set. Saturday 1st September. No matter what happens, 250 guests are going to walk through those doors.

I propose a menu, chicken and chips in a basket, fish and chips in newspaper, pie & mash (all done posh, like) welcome drinks consisting of sparkling perry, gin and tonic....

"Oh no, we cannot get baskets in, and I've got a better idea instead of cod we can do shrimp?"
"Oh no, I think we should go for steak and chips..."
"I don't eat meat"
"Why don't we just do a buffet like always?"

In the end I say "enough" - this is what we're going with.

I propose entertainment in the form of fairground stalls, 5 piece band, clay pigeon shooting...

"Oh no, those things never work, can we not get a casino instead?"
"What like a fake one where nobody actually wins anything? What's the point in that like?"
"Well it's fun..."
"What the f**k do you know about fun, you watch Eastenders for entertainment"
"F**k you - I'm not on the committee any more"
"Nobody wanted you anyway"

In the end I say "enough" - this is what we're going with.

Anyway, you get the idea. I'm just wondering why we have to delay. Why can't we just go forward on the date set with whatever we have (or don't have) on the day? We're gonna pi$$ a whole load of people off either way - at least if we leave on the 29th whoever is most pi$$ed off will get over it sooner?

**By "somebody" - I mean somebody in gainful employment who knows how to button their own shirt up and has a reasonable grasp on world trade issues. Not one of you unemployed retards who spend 24/7 on here.
Because none of them want to accept ownership of the consequences. apart from people who don't make the decisions.
Was he? I seem to remember May was going to wipe the floor with the opposition and that Labour was going to be cast into the fiery hell of history, never to emerge as a threat again.
Indeed, a majority of 50 or 60 seats was being forecast.
Then we had the bombing in Manchester and the Grenfell tower fire. May's inability to handle those (or say the right things) coupled with the Tory infighting lost the slim majority the Tories had in the first place.
Yeah but it doesn’t work like that does it? For a start people don’t trust the media any more and no one’s going to swallow the nasty Tories did it every tine. I still reckon Labours dead in the water and Corbyn is just a slow death for them.

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