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The EU has created a fourth pillar of power in every nation. In which the DUP vote with Corbyn and the SNP have taken over Scotland, where the only change in the UK is mandated from above the demos and we are locked into a market that defines those outside as a threat and anything that is inside the club as automatically good.

I know that model, yes, its on the tip of my tongue, if only I can find the Reich word


Perhaps, but the picture shown is not of her, but of the process of swearing in which she managed. She would have been dressed in wig and gown for that occasion. There are several Clerks of the Table, most of whom are female (assuming gender by means of given name).

Edited to add: Philippa isn't mentioned in the current list of Clerks of the Table, unless she's now going by the name Phil and has changed her surname.
Table Office-
Principal Clerk-Colin Lee

Clerks-James Davies, Amelia Aspden, Nick Beech, Nina Foster, Gini Griffin, Stephen Habberley, Sarah Hartwell-Naguib, Phil Jones, Tamsin Maddock, Catherine Meredith, Sîan Woodward

Business Manager-Anita Fuki

Backbench Business: Clerks-Sarah Hartwell-Naguib, Gini Griffin / Catherine Meredith

Re-edited to add: Poor Anita. There's a name for the Unfortunate Names thread if ever I saw one.
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Without wishing to seem antagonistic, could I ask what you believe “getting Brexit done” entails and how that helps?

Should the proposed WA pass, that opens the next phase - the Implementation Period - during which the UK will remain a de-facto member of the EU and little should change for the trading conditions of the UK. There will then come the uncertainly of the extension of the IP, possibly to 2022, again, during which, very little may change until the final shape of the future agreements may be understood.

Or are you saying you wish for a No Deal Exit to occur?

I am just curious to see what people mean when they say “just get it done” as my observation is that when the PM states he wants Brexit done, he means the current excellent deal on offer from the EU.
For what it’s worth, my own view is that ‘getting Brexit done’ means exactly that – making progress.

I’ve mentioned before that I voted remain in the referendum, but I am now firmly behind leaving, principally because that was the democratically expressed wish of the British people and nothing(!) should be allowed to subvert democracy, be it expressed through a GE or a referendum.

I have been, and continue to be, totally disgusted at the blatantly un-democratic attitude of those that inhabit ‘the mother of all parliaments’ and hope to god they soon get their comeuppance.

See – it’s even got an atheist praying!

As you say, passing the WA just allows us to move on to the next phase, but it allows relative certainty to business about the direction of travel, while at the same time allows plenty of scope for the politicians to shape the future departure.

Now, I personally am not at this point concerned whether we have a hard or soft Brexit, however @Mediaeval has made some good arguments for the harder end of the spectrum, whereas those (certainly on this thread) who desire remain or at least the softest-of-soft Brexit’s, have been unable to present convincing arguments as to why that would be good, instead choosing to do little more than infantile name-calling.

One thing’s for sure a decision needs to be taken, be it leave or remain, as this current limbo is more damaging to U.K. interests and British business than any decision in whatever direction.

A situation that ironically is a direct consequence of obstruction by the ‘remainers’ in parliament, who profess to be doing it all for the benefit of British business and the welfare of the U.K. (yeah, right).
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Guy who spends a lot of time insulting people and calling then childish gets offended and acts like a child when insulted shock.
Valid point until you remember that Macron said he would veto an extension unless it were for an election or another referendum. If the opposition won't give Boris a GE. Jezza's only alternative is to demand a referendum and I can't see him winning that. I can see a week's extension given that most of the papers have been available for some time. I could even envisage an agreement to delay signing the deal for a few weeks but that Britain will leave on the 31st. But I can also see some fairly quick legislation that would hedge Parliament's powers in the future, not dissimilar from the parliament act 1911.
Besides an interesting aside is that on the 31st the EU is no longer the same animal as Junker goes......
If there's one thing that everyone should've learnt over the past few years, if not before, is that what politicians say is worthless; it’s only what they do that counts.

It’s a consequence of the sound-bite media world we live in, where reasoned debate is denigrated, and dog-whistle statements rule the news cycle.

Not a dig at you, @LeoRoverman nor am I pointing at any specific party or faction, merely an observation about the current world we live in.

Politicians have always been two faced, but social media particularly allows them to make short, pithy statements that bear no relation to their future actions.

That is the number of votes that caused reasonable progress to stall.

So 14 people.
Like I said, the BBC et al are adamant its the MPs and by inference Parliament as a body who are at odds with one man. Makes a good narrative for the media, but by overplaying it they have forgotten that the majority of the population think parliament is full of thieving c**ts.

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I would not be surprised, in the least, if the traitor Remainers try to get the Bill resubmitted for second reading. This corrupt Speaker would probably allow it.

It was good watching Bercow get abused from the back benches on both sides of the House, being told he is under investigation by a parliamentary committee and being held in contempt by many MPs. He was obviously ready for the attack he knew was coming as he knows he had been biased but he did look taken aback and definitely not chuffed. He had facts and dates to hand so the detailed preparation was obvious. The man is a sh!t.
The Bill has passed for second reading. It's up to JRM to announce when that will happen. Not this week by the looks of things.
Who is that whiny quisling that needs a wash and a couple of haircuts?

Mike Galsworthy. Scientist and all round hero He’s the driver behind the remain protests these past few years.

Remain now outperform leave with their ability to decision making using data, organise huge last minute protests etc etc. It’s all down to his hard work.

Has also published some nice impact studies on the effect of Brexit in important journals.

Nice bloke. Has made lots of important scientific contributions too.
Many thanks @Swan Song, good post.

A couple of observations, if I may.

As you say, passing the WA just allows us to move on to the next phase, but it allows relative certainty to business about the direction of travel, while at the same time allows plenty of scope for the politicians to shape the future departure.
Given the next phase is the Implementation Period (IP) which effectively replicates SM/CU, do you not believe this would be merely delaying the uncertainly to 2020 (or 2022 if an extension to the IP is agreed), as in this period, a harder form of Brexit could take place? So actually, we'd roll on another few years with that uncertainty as an FTA will look rather different to continued SM/CU membership?

Isn't that just pushing the cliff edge away for another couple of years? this current limbo is more damaging to U.K. interests and British business than any decision in whatever direction.
Can't disagree with that, 100% nailed on.

Many thanks.

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I really wish there was a Yes Prime Minister or The Thick of it running right now covering this process.
If the current panto was in a TV comedy, people wouldn't believe it. Much better to watch it live.

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