Brexit - The Final

Our AllIRAnce Party friend will be along shortly to tell us how soft furnishings are the way forward, as long as they are Sinn Fein approved.
Probably away to check for Loyalist housing schemes being scammed.. Apparently we don't get to pick our choice of kitchen, bathroom etc as the UVF steals all the money.. But Republican area's have houses like Saddam's palaces.
I'm getting a new kitchen and bathroom in January and guess what..tiles and colour scheme included.

Must be the UVF flag outside my house ffs.
Must be busy up The Falls tonight: @skid2 must be in a queue to meet Gerry Adams.
Already been posted - Junker has spoken with BJ and is waiting on the letter, and will sit on it for a few days, before deciding what to do next.
"Tick, tock" said the clock.

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Definitely. The DUP need a good kick up the hole. Excellent post. The DUP To whom I give my vote, (Union comes first) needs to hold on until a lot of these old anti-gay, anti-abortion folks die.
And just what's wrong with being anti-gay?

You sir are the definition of a Bigot - let me refresh your brain on what that means, from the Oxford English Dictionary:

Bigot - a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

People can be anti-gay if they want, people like you are intolerant to their views - much like these remainer scum bags.
And also increasing his popularity too as the electorate is seeing what Parliament is doing & are miffed.

Boris maybe defeated & the under dog however he’s increasingly getting more support, which cannot be said for the opposition.

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Oddly enough, that's pretty well what I told my daughter tonight. I reckoned Corbyn might have squeaked to a General Election win if the GE had been held a week ago, but I think Boris's getting a deal that *almost* got through and his general ebullient demeanour have swung the odds in his favour. He's been seen to be getting on with the job and not giving up or bowing to the pressure, and has done so in a more extrovert manner than May's more subdued and serious mien.
I'll give you 5 mins to google and explain, how I'm not British.
You really shouldn't need 5 mins being a professor of Google and all that.
You do know by the way that the person you are arguing with isn't British? He's an Irishman from the ROI and he's just looking to cause you aggravation. When you feel the urge to "debate" with him, just pull your hands back from the keyboard and say to yourself "Never!, Never!, Never!, Never! waste your time like that". (I thought I would put that last bit in terms you can relate to).
When political lackeys left the HoP today the tories needed quite a large number of police as protection. Labour, Lib Dem and SNP lackeys didn't.

The above is worth noting as the Tories were trying to enact the majority public vote, while the others were trying to block it.
Emotional but untruthful.

Jo Swinson too i think .

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It's shit. If it was Remainers doing it to JRM it would be shit. WTF is up with you people?
IF it was JRM? Check my other post Grac.

I'm no fan of lawyers/solicitors however Joshua often gives a fair summary.

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And the answer to the Benn act?

Send three letters.
One as dictated to but sans signature block.
And two telling the EU an extension isn't wanted.


Are you not entertained @Brotherton Lad?

Gina going to court yet? Bit let down by the lack of protest by immolation amongst the remainers. They obviously just don't want it enough.

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