Brexit - The Final

Saturday is going to be very interesting. I wonder how many are going to be voting against, just to do away with this or any other deal. Remaining seems to be the way - regardless of the EU referendum result! I just wonder if any of those demanding a referendum will actually respect the result - Lib Dems excepted of course as they have already stated they would only accept a full remain result. Very democratic that is(n't)
But, I expect the EU to be communicating through Remain channels the outcome that they will tolerate, which will include the news that Steiner won't be coming....
Concessions that Boris Johnson himself railed against some months ago, as the deal would break away NI from the rest of the UK?

It's a rehash. Don't kid yourselves that Boris has achieved anything that pmtm couldn't have. The difference is Boris Johnson doesn't have anyone stabbing him in the back in cabinet
Fake news, Baggy. Educate yourself.

With the WA there was no unilateral way to remove ourselves from the backstop, now there is.

And NI is still in the same customs union as the UK.

These are facts.


War Hero
There you have it

Remainer head explosions begin.
the Guardian hedging its bets eh...

EU will not grant any further extension, says Juncker, implying MPs must choose between this deal and no deal

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European commission president, has said the EU will grant another Brexit extension.

The argument put forward by the EU was that the DUP by aligning with other Unionists parties are able to veto anything that goes before Storment even as a minority.
It's actually something from the Good Friday agreement.

Both the nationalists and unionists each needs a majority for anything considered controversial to pass into law. This - at the time it was agreed - was more to protect nationalists who considered Stormont to have a unionist bias.

A simple majority removes that right.
I am of course no lawyer but I don't understand how this can be the case:

Section 1 obliges the Prime Minister to request an extension to the Article 50 negotiating period for the purpose of negotiating a withdrawal agreement, unless the House of Commons has passed a motion which either approves a withdrawal agreement or approves departure without a deal, and the House of Lords has debated the same motion. If such a motion is not approved, the Prime Minister is obliged to make the request no later than 19 October 2019.
BoJo is asking the EU27 to say "This is the deal, take it or leave it, there will be no extension granted", which means no letter will be needed asking for one if the deal is rejected.
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It has been corrected now.
One of the hazards when typing whilst crying.
BBC also

Juncker rules out Brexit extension
The President of the European Commission rules out granting an extension to the Brexit deadline of 31 October.
Jean-Claude Juncker tells reporters there is no need for an extension now there is a deal on the table.
Benn Act binned - Remainers bawling their eyes out
EU playing us like a fiddle at the mo! Junkers now saying no extension will be granted to ramp up the pressure - no doubt at the request of BoJo - our cowardly weak snivelling cry baby MPs will go into a right tizzy on queue exactly how the EU wants - be ready for Westminster embarrassing us all in front of the world on Saturday (even worse than normal)


Remainers all around me are frothing like mad, talking about more referenda, but we're out of time on that front.

One worrying thought does appear though. Realistically can they try and force through a Revoke A50 bill in the time left? I can't see anything else they have left they might try to fcuck things up any longer.

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