Brexit - The Final

It increases the costs to British business by £15 billion.

You're really very dumb
A whole £15 Billion Baggy ?

Nothing like a bit of perspective is there

Now stop soiling your panties and get a f**king grip of yourself.


Maybe it was , but we didn't sink liners full of pregnant nuns and children
Possibly because our blockade was a bit too effective, we (our allies) did however sink a fair few Japanese POW transports. That is Jap boats transporting Allied POWs


My understanding was that they were for the families of the Boers and we spectacularly messed it up.
Correct on the first part, but I did read that more British soldiers died of disease in military camps than did Boers in concentration camps.

Thread drift ends
We all do you silly fool.
No we don't you daftie. We have a common ancestor from 6 or 7 million years back. So some of us are more apelike knuckle draggers that want to ashtray other humans. But a human does not have Bonobo DNA.

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