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She's not done it yet, but she has done quite a few 100 milers and just recently a 185 mile non-stop affair in just under 80 hours over some tough terrain (as opposed to easier multi day events) that has more climb in it than the Penine Way.

This is what she looks like with some slap on:

16179046_1232787340149570_2964659863568632103_o by Whey-Aye-Banzai, on Flickr

And this is what she looks like after she's ran 170 miles (with 15 still to go)...

IMG_7539 by Whey-Aye-Banzai, on Flickr

Maybe I'm not so rich after all! :eek:

She looks like she's about to launch the plate at you in the second pic. Guessing she was in no mood to have you dancing around with a camera?

Good for her btw - sounds like quite the achiever. :)


How long do you think it takes to check a registered seal on a container, even if Customs were to open and check manifests, the logistician builds it into the lead time.

I really don’t see an issue that can’t easily be resolved.
Average container clearance time at Southampton (virtually all non EU) is 6 minutes.
Sunday Times also recommends Ballycastle, a one family mafia built cultural backwoods stuffed with Game of Thrones fans looking for women and dragons. A road with trees running along each side, now collapsing under the weight of foreigners wondering what all the fuss is about.

So far they’ve recommended Holywood, possibly due to old timers wishing to relive the Saturday nights in the Railway Bar

That’s the thing, they also recommend one often best local bars, swerved and avoided by everyone and stuffed full of wet and baffled tourists.
Usually by the time the National press get there, everyone with any sense has bailed out.
Ballycastle was lovely the last time I was there; all that North Antrim coast line is lovely.
No, Baggy, I'm just in the fortunate position of being in AA, so I get to rub shoulders with the 'bottom feeders', though I don't usually use that term for them.

I don't see people just struggling to stay sober, I see people struggling to live.

Unlike the middle class - who've just started caring for the poor - I've been at it for a while now.

You often make assumptions about people on here, reference their backgrounds.

If you only come into contact with working class people through AA, then I suspect you've probably lead a more privileged life, or at least early privileged life, than many of the people you are accusing of only just starting to care for the poor.

I've said before I've worked with recovering druggies and alchies. It wasn't the first time I'd come into contact with such people - many of the characters I met, were the same as the people I'd grown up with.

(and I mean this in the nicest possible way).

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Chepstow is lovely, apart from all the Welsh and Bristolians...

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Seriously. The best bit of Chepstow is the you are leaving sign. ;)

It's well located. Stopped climbing now, but there's loads of sport and trad climbing just nearby and further up the Wye valley. Also a quarry to dive in nearby if spotting rusting buses and shopping trollies in the deep tickles your fancy


The specific example given was that some drugs only have a limited life - the same for the isotopes.

Do you why specialist knowledge is required now? You as an SME of transport would say "just order them earlier", "we don't need no stinking experts", "I know transport more than any stupid doctor etc etc etc". Ordering earlier fixes nothing. (Ironically these drugs were things the good doctor is an expert on).

You solution is gut driven and populist and I am unsurprised by the people who showed they think it's a good one, but it actually fixes nothing.

(BTW - not sure if it dawned on you, but your solution causes people to die).
So what happens when French customs go on strike?

Or some Romanian truck driver off his face in bennys wraps up 44tons of lentils on the M20?
The picture and link answered the question. EU migrants increase housing costs. Less EU migrants reduce them; all shown in the link.

I asked if you disputed this. You failed to answer.
Did you read the article? Seriously.
You just keep believing the TUC, they will see you right. The comrades know what is best for you.
TUC? I go by my experience in the work market Frank. HTH. You'll note yon Banzai bloke isn't rushing in to tell us about his big wage rise.
After a decade of austerity and wage stagnation, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES.

Why do you hate the poor?

(It's a shame I can't give you two dumbs for that dumb post.)
The poor are still being shit on. Do you get many at your dinner parties?


This was mentioned too. Requires increased capacity from where the isotopes are shipped. Also requires specialist training of handlers, pilots, and to find somewhere in the UK to use as a hub, and also from the manufacturing country. What if they cannot increase their ability to allow more flights. And do you know if we can do this for every single time sensitive item? What about if we train our handlers at this end, but the shipping country doesn't have the specialist.

In the past whenever there have been delays people have been reprioritised. Meaning, people died.

Do you see now? Your gut driven populist solutions are just that.
I did ask about this. As far as my interlocutor was aware (he is a Grande fromage in DHL) all molycows (?) which are the isotope generators are flown into UK to regional airports.
You often make assumptions about people on here, reference their backgrounds.

If you only come into contact with working class people through AA, then I suspect you've probably lead a more privileged life, or at least early privileged life, than many of the people you are accusing of only just starting to care for the poor.
You're the one making assumptions.

I'm a council estate kid from Geordie-land. My father was an engineer, very well paid and travelled the world, but wasted on him; he ended up dying a penniless alkie in a stinking hovel.

My mother did well in later life, landing a well paid job as a Japanese interpreter at Nissan, but not while I was growing up. Then she worked in a sweatshop with hundreds of rough Geordie lasses making clothes prior to that (before it all closed down).

I joined the army aged 16 to escape poverty and the dole queue.

So no, no early privileged life here, I'm afraid.
No, you're confusing yourself. Increased wages - due to a tighter labour market - is the positive. The tighter labour market stems from less EU migrants.

This is the Brexit win.

As for being stupid and poor; believe what you wish, but I've read your posts and seen the knots you've been tied up in.

Which made me smile.
Aye, they're rocketing up....for some, have you worked out who yet? I'll give you a clue, the Conservative party doesn't do anything like this for shits and giggles.

Tories try to woo low-paid with vow to raise national living wage


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I have no idea where/ what/ how good they are. Never heard of them.

Might as well quote some obscure uni in the U.S.
Durham must be alright they turned me down. (Hell of an escape. I was thinking of following a woman who was doing her masters)

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