Brexit - The Final

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Pro-remain MPs are planning a crunch vote on a second referendum during the “super Saturday” sitting of parliament, as Jeremy Corbyn comes under intense pressure from senior allies to back another Brexit vote before an election.

Why bother ?

I believe such an Referendum would be struck down by the Supreme Court as the action of the 1st Referendum has not been carried out.

Why bother ?

I believe such an Referendum would be struck down by the Supreme Court as the action of the 1st Referendum has not been carried out.
I doubt that very much. They would very probably agree seeing as it would be an attempt to keep us in their beloved EU. Impartial judges as proven by the chief judges actions after the Miller 2 case.
You make a great point.
Putting people into airplanes very clearly shows there will be no problems at all on leave; trade deals sorted, the NI border issues solved, free unicorns, world hunger a thing of the past, cancer cured.

You simpleton.
Specifically, getting the meds to the UK you plank.
What other problems are there?
EU based manufacturers refusing to sell them to us?
The EU refusing to export them?

"UK citizens dying due to EU intransigence".
Great headline.
After the last SC judgment, I wouldn't bet on that?
I would suspect that after the last ruling ( which was Political, despite those that say otherwise ) the powers of the SC will be either getting curtailed or radically overhauled in the very near future.

So why not give them a very good reason to make sure that happens ;) ;)
Academic articles and world body opinions are for chumps, here on this site, we fly by the gut and the wisdom passed around here. Who cares about experts, scientists or any of their nonsense, eh? We go by the flow.
Then fück off. Nothing is keeping you here. Go find yourself a safe space where difference of opinion is not allowed.
Verhofstadt calling Brexiteers " Traitors", Sassoli describing no progress with Boris, but reporting "Fruitful" discussions whilst posturing with Bercow... so thanks for that Sassoli. If there was any doubt about Bercow's impartiality, it's evaporated now.
Apparently the price of an extension would be an Election, or another Referendum.
I'm sure the EU would prefer the latter option, given the current polling for a General Election.

As the clock ticks down, EU pulses are certainly getting quicker.
£39 billion does that
The TV doctor in this Youtube video said he's a medic and he knows all about medicine etc etc.

According to his Wiki he practised for two years in 1995.

Yet ironically Brexiteers prefer to take his word over that of a consultant medic who said there will be problems.
What else has he done? Your research is not very complete.
Not in Brexit land though - in Brexit Land you should listen to a TV personality with a 30 year old medical degree instead.
might 30 years old but he's still a Doctor. Ie a proper doctor.

does he outrank you?

let's be honest if someone shouts 'is there a Doctor here' do you have the good grace to realise you're not being sought?

the Ross Geller effect.
I think we had this before - perhaps you've forgotten.

Logistician explains likely delays experienced medic..

Experienced medic with experience of running clinical trials (you need more than a truckers license to do that), specialist in epilepsy etc, explains which medications are vulnerable to delays.

Bingo. Job done.

Not in Brexit land though - in Brexit Land you should listen to a TV personality with a 30 year old medical degree instead.
What's the experienced medic even doing there? Certainly not adding value.

the docs just need to tell the loggies what they want and when. The loggies will sort everything else.

You're suffering mission creep.


But they didn't in this instance.
And bearing in mind the genesis of this particular topic (the Op Yellowhammer papers) do you not find that odd?

It is almost as if Spreadsheet Phil and his pals wanted to paint as bleak a picture as possible without considering and implementing any mitigating strategies. And then, if you recall, making sure the document was leaked well before it was officially published so that it could be lapped up, recycled and used forever to point to the impending apocalypse (which it has)

I thought that it was just us thicos that fell fell for that sort of thing. Obviously not.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely said 37billion would be a powerful incentive for the EU to push forward a good deal for the UK.
Not really, when you consider that the Benn Surrender Act and our treasonous parliament are already on their side and prepared to give them everything they want.

The EU is sitting pretty at the minute because on one side they have the remainiacs in parliament they are colluding and conspiring with, including the poison dwarf Bercow and on the other they have BoJo desperately trying to slightly re-word TMs rediculously bad WA to blag it through parliament and to bluff the public under a new name.

The EU are in the position where it is more likely than not now that in the next 2 weeks Brexit will either be stopped/delayed or watered down to the point of them getting nearly everything they could have only dreamed about 3 years ago. In fact, the only problem the EU has is to try to contain the panicing politicians from member states when they are just about to win - remember useless, lying, undisciplined, jack, incompetent, easily led moron politicians exist in every country but people like Barnier are your professional hi stakes poker players unacountable to anyone - especially an electorate!

I have no doubts now that a deal will be agreed and it will have just as many hidden horrors as TMs WA. Various media stories and commentators are reporting this morning that BoJo has already given away even more concessions to Leo Veruka than was offered last week - feck all coming our way!

It will be upto parliament whether they are prepared to accept BoJos BRINO but as we all know that decision will have nothing to do with the good of the country and will be solely based on party politics and power grab tactics.
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