Brexit - The Final

Note that the RoI's GDP is falsely inflated by Google, Amazon & others being based there for the avoidance of paying the taxes they should be.

(One of the few EU things I agree with is stopping this "corporate tax tourism", which will deservedly f*** the RoI & Luxembourg sideways).
Which is why it won't happen. Some countries are more equal than others in the eu. EIRE will soon be relearning this.

hopefully just as we cut away any lasting legacy from when we ruled them.


English isn't your first language is my first thought on reading that. Any intended meaning is completely lost on me.
I think he might have been another victim of the phantom speelchucker. Substitute "see" for "we'd" and it should look a little less odd.
If so, the conservative party will be a spent force and likely consigned to the wilderness. Lot of unhappy folks out there that might take it out on them by voting TBP.

Coalition govt for a few years as no one will get a real majority and it allows a chance for the loons to make themselves heard and cause havoc.

PMBJ better have a little think about how he wants to do this...
I think you're spot on: that exactly why I made the point at #57,798 above.

This whole soap opera was triggered by CMD trying to preserve his party (nation seemingly a secondary priority) and that driver hasn't gone away, even though the character of that Party has altered significantly over the last 3 years - most dramatically in the last few weeks.


Are you his carer, by any chance?
More a fellow sufferer. I have no idea what was going on in the heads of the folks who set up the predictive text/spellcheck on my kindle fire for instance. I suspect that it was a smaller than infinite group of monkeys just setting off on their quest to write the combined works of shakespear.
TBH I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even the utter throbbers on Arrse.
No more would I. I've experienced it close up. He gives the impression it's already there.
You're quote a bitter and weak individual aren't you.

those chaps would still welcome you into their group regardless of your lack of success in life.
Oh no we wouldn't.:eek:
Nay, nay and thrice nay. They aren't intervening, they're adjudicating and we don't know the

Once government starts limiting the ability of the judiciary to oversee its procedures are legal we're fecked. Doesn't matter whether it's Johnson, Corbyn or anyone.
The judiciary is there to oversee the law as defined by an act of parliament. This is not a law so there is nothing in writing to adjudicate.
So any recurrence of terrorism that the Irish forces of law and order couldn't deal with, might be handled by an EU force? PMSL wouldn't come close.

The EU is currently fast tracking accession of the Balkan countries to the EU, including a Kosovo and Macedonia
What’s that? The assorted very vicious civil wars in the region are just parked at the mo?
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