Brexit - The Final

The English one. Haven't yet seen the NI finding.

It's pray, by the way.
The NI is due Thursday morning, the English one has been binned by judges, two hours or so after the Scots one. Google is yours & my friend.

Well done, you've actually been of use, probably a first. Keep it up.
How does that work for things with a limited shelf-life of a couple of days? Or such as Technetium-99m which has a shelf life of six hours and is imported from Europe? Apparently when there are delays at the tunnel, it does affect the ability of bringing it into the country btw - so you example of riots is probably not a good one.

Perhaps this is why a qualified medics should advise the government and not Jacob Rees-Mogg or random ARRSErs. Still according to History_Man this is a legacy concern and apparently we have built the manufacturing facilities over the past few months, or have started developing the infrastructure and specialist training so we can import it using flight.
Did you edit this post to take any sensible bits out?
Sounds like they haven't listed to the ARRSE experts regarding medications - they've not even mentioned these drones that are capable of crossing the channel.
I thought they were borrowing that French bloke and his rocket packet?
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