Brexit - The Final

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I don't understand why you keep posting stuff which is already in the public domain? Do you think people regard you as being someone in the know?
If so, I've got news for you.
That actually doesn't make any sense.

Grieve is something of an old mucker, though.
Grieve should be thrown out of the Conservative Party now as he is doing more damage to the Party he is supposed to be a lotpyal member of. If he has a point, which imo goes against the electorate's wishes, then he should be honest, resign as a Tory and push his point as an Independent. He should go back to his constituency and actually ask them if they want him to carry on this mayhem in their name - which is what he is doing. There is no chance of him doing that as he knows he will be out on his Arrse!

BL likes him, I think he is an egotistical slimey & untrustworthy git!
Grieve, BL or both?
All this talk about recalling parliament.
We don't need no stinking PMor Queenie, the Speaker could recall them.

Hat tip to @Brotherton Lad aka the arrse end of a panto horse.
It is amazing how people who thought the Scottish courts had no place in this debate suddenly see them as the most important court in the land! :D

Reading the bits reported it seems like the judges have just given their opinion, I presume that this is backed up with evidence in their decision. But the way it is coming over looks like they have made a judgement call and just pushed this upmyo the next court. Anyway, no direction was given to raise the prorogation - probably as they did not think it would have time to actually come in to affect, plus they are going to have to wait until the Speaker has sobered up.

I don’t think Johnson is a dictator. I think he has boxed himself into a corner, but perhaps I’m wrong there. It’s also a shame that we probably won’t really get to see what he is really like because of Brexit dominating everything. And although he wouldn’t be my first choice for PM I think that’s a shame, because I think he’s quiet a liberal Tory really.
Twice now, in a blue moon, I agree with you and I am starting to feel light headed...… Boris is a progressive and that is something I find objectionable, but a fight for another thread. You should ponder this question: Whom would Merkel/Macron and the EU, want in Downing Street. Boris or Corbyn ????

Maybe somebody in government, know fine well its Boris and the government is using the opposition as leverage, to try and carve out a deal. At some point, the Prussians and the Frogs have to consider the damage to the European economy if the UK crashes out and we switch to becoming Americas best friend. Or fall into the hands of a socialist.
Perhaps HB isn't a staunch remainer after all....(obviously not, couldn't resist)

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Victoria Derbyshire just made me laugh, which is a sentence I never thought I would type!
Introducing Anna Soubry to comment on the Scottish Court decision, she said "I'm sorry, but I'm going to get the name of your Party wrong again - what's it called"? :grin:
It’s The Sourberry party.
Oooooof indeed Bothersome lad

Parliament can only be recalled if the government chooses, the Speaker’s office has confirmed.

Is the Speaker's Office wrong ? Or have you been caught talking out of the wrong orifice again ?

Rhetorical questions belter, rhetorical questions.

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Isn’t it a pity that the Iraq war and our troops sent to Afghanistan wasn’t scrutinised as much as this fiasco?

God I’m pissed off. And that Starmer is a little greasy slimy lefty toad, any one know why and how he got a knighthood?
I don’t believe their views are any more valid than mine, that’s the difference between me and them. They also appear to have some trouble delineating the messenger from the message.

Although the talks of violence etc from some, does demonstrate that they are on the fringe of society - thus far from the mean.
Sure. Because if it's acceptable to assert that Tories/Leave are "quite literally Nazis", then that is the mean now, right?
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